Sunday, January 17, 2016

My wrists are quite messed up so I will not be doing engine work for a while.  But here are some ideas.

Place the engine originally from the DYT4000 in the LT1000(2).  Remove the head check the bore again and set the valves with the flywheel mark.

The JD140's owner is talking like I can have the tractor.  It looks like Jack's has the piston and rod.  Needs to be 20 over.  Not sure if piston includes rings and need to check the crank etc.

See if I have a spare steering wheel to fit a JD.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Today I torqued the briggs 6.5OHV to 210 in lbs and then removed them because I neglected to use anti-seize.  When I got to about 180 with the anti-seize on the bolts it did not feel right.  It felt like they were stripping the threads.   

I checked the internet and sure enough they said that any sort of lubricant will cause the bolts to thread in further with any given torque.  The one place I check suggested 25% less torque when using anti-seize unless the spec is given for use with it.

I backed the bolts off and ran them back up to 150.  I think they will be alright.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Over time I want to create a page for each project.   Regular blog posts will be used of more general stuff.

Given that I am the only on reading this blog it should not be a problem.

Right wrist is messed up so bad I can't use the hand.

No water or sewer in the house because an attempt to fix the sewer took out the freshwater lines under the house.  Need to fix them and figure out how sewer snake got from the sewer pipe into the crawl space.