Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Burn out oven repair

In the mean time I tested my sodium silicate.  Measured out .01lb of SS and added it to .24lb of play sand for a 4% mix.  Mixed sand with a plastic spoon on a paper plate.  Nuked for 60s, 30s,  cooled, then another 120s.   Total 3m 30s.

Results were very good.  Wonder why it did not work well last time I tried it.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Antique Dresser With Knapp Joints

See a YouTube vid on Knapp joints a few days later I found them on an old dresser I was about to toss.  Turns out they were only used from 1870 to 1900.

Maybe its a keeper

First step in dust collection.

I have had this jet 1.5HP dust collector for 15 or so years.   When I moved from the big shop to the 2 car garage there was not enough floor space.   I have gotten to the point where I really miss it.

I have started mounting it in the rafters next to the gable end away from the house.  Initially I will be blowing the dust and chips to the open air.   If that don't work and I don't think it will I can add the bags or a cyclone on the outside wall.

At this point the blower has been hoisted to the rafters using a come-a-long and a snatch block bolted into the roof sheeting.   Had just enough clearance to make it work.  Had I bolted it to the rafters I would have come up short.

The blower is resting on 2 2x6's.  Need to screw them down then bolt the blower to them.   Cut a hole in the outside wall and hook up the 2 4" flex hoses on the inside.   Thinking both will go to the table saw.  One to clear the chips from the saw's body and the other suspended above the blade.  That will be nice especially when resawing the old redwood fence boards to remove the paint and top layer of weathered wood.

Start of a hole to the outside. A few false starts on where to put it but the extra drill holes ended up in the disk I cut out.

The fly cutter had stripped positioning bolts.  Touched up the M5 bolts and used M5 bolts with external nuts to jam aka jam nuts.

Next Day

Exhaust hose recycled from the portable setup.

The switch is not a magnetic contractor.  It stays on even if power to it is lost.

Screwed down the 2x6 supports and bolted the blower unit to them.

The six inch to twin 4 inch connector never fit well.   I have strapped it in place with a bungy cord.

Connection to bottom of the table saw.  Yes the hose is connected to a up cycled tin can.
A mess but it illustrates that one leg of the connector will pull dust from the blade and the one on the back right of the table connect to the dust collection port under the table.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Kitchen Cabinets Restoration

The south house needs a lot of works.   Without a lot of money to toss at it there are still some things I can do.   First on this list is the kitchen cabinets.  They have enough paint on them that they do not operate correctly.

Prior to starting.

Current state.  Storing stripped doors on countertops to keep them flat.

I have removed the paint from the front and back of 13, about half of the doors.  The uppers came clean to the wood.   The lowers are retaining some paint in the grain. The 2nd door from the rear is a lower.

The doors are the easy part.   The drawers then the rest of the cabinets will be harder.

I am setting up the living room to use for painting.  Current plan is to spray with Alkyd Enamel.  Maybe with a hardener.

Mostly missing a heater atm.   When I get to spraying paint with a gun I need to bring the compressor over and setup a fresh air supply hood or resperiator.

pulled the rest of the doors and all the drawers on the kitchen units.  Still need to pull the dozen or so doors on the pantry.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

s63nxjgc=7625 evaporative cooler motor

Working on evaporative cooler motor that does not start,

Update:  Starter windings are toast.

Peach Harvest

Harvested our peach tree today.

Fruit was not thinned so it is mostly on the small side.

Total yield was something over 30 gallons.  20 will be frozen whole.  5 will be dehydrated by a friend and 5 is compost quality.

The fruit to be frozen is ripening in store bags.  When ready it will be washed.  Frozen whole then bagged and put back in the freezer.  It will mostly be used a smoothie base.\

The hope is that by picking early we avoided most of the bird and wasp damage.  This tree is called contender.  The fruit is quite sweet and delicious.  Lets see how the  bag ripened fruit compares to that ripened on the tree.

Update:  After a week or so the peaches were ripe.  Started to smell like peaches even.  Moved the paper bags to the deep freeze.

Fairly easy to use them for smoothies or baking.  A light thaw allows them to be cut and the stone removed.  A quick dunk in boiling water should remove skins.  Note that these are frozen unwashed.

Thursday, September 5, 2019


I have been working of couple of doors.  The walk door on my garage/woodshop was a modern POS consisting of a wood frame stuffed with compressed wood chips sandwiched between two thin sheets of plywood.  The previous owners installed a cat door.  Moisture entered the wood chips via the modification and ruined the door.  I had planned on reskinning it but it was too far gone.

Rather than buy a new door I borrowed one from an old building.  The hinges were on the wrong side so I am flipping the hardware to make it work.

I have temporally hung the door.  It is a reasonably good fit for the opening but the opening itself needs to be shimmed in on the left top.

The old paint was so tick it was hiding the details on the trim.   I am using scrapers, citrustrip, and steel wool.  A light application of sand paper after that

If it were not for this gorgeous handle I may not have thought about using this old door.  The thumb latch mechanism needed cleaning.  It still maybe a challenge to get it all working.

I am also working on this modern door.  It uses a wood frame with a styrofoam core and sheet metal sides.  The wood frame is rotted on two side from use in a greenhouse.   I am chiseling back the rotted wood.  With some luck I can use it to to temporaly replace the front door while I restore it.

High temperatures are still in the 90s so I have cobbled up an evaporative cooler in the wood shop.

Both the pump and fan are powered via a GFI.

Routed out the rotted wood on the hinge end of the modern door.  About a foot on each end was rotten down to the Styrofoam core.  Glued replacement wood there and routed the entire thing again to make it level.  Glued a new wood edge on with Loctite premium construction adhesive.  

Removed the grills and the double pane window.  Window was horrid dirty.  Scraped much of the deposits off it but the inside seems to be dirty too.  It will never look clean but OK for a shop or garage.  

Found an old unopened can of Krylon fusion white paint.   Clogged in the first minute.  Running the can on the HF pneumatic paint shaker for 10 minutes and blowing out the nozzle made it usable.

Want to get back to the wood door.  So the plan is to mount this in the shop door way so I can get the wood one off to work on.  The latch hardware is still a mystery to me so it maybe in backwards for a while as I am swapping stuff around to make it hinge on the correct side just like the wood one.

Update:  Making progress.  Here it still need 1 more coat of paint and glazzing.

Prior to painting the mutins were loose.  No more.

Did some plugging and drilling to reverse the door.  Inside now outside sort of thing.

Glued up some redwood to extend the bottom of the door.  Pinned with 3 dowels. 

Sunday, August 18, 2019

1990 Troy Built Trail Blazer Sickle Mower

Qwners Manual not sure if its the right year.
Service Manual for 1990
Thread on renewing the sickle                             

Today I traded a large flex shaft for this.   The motor has no compression and the oil is milky.  It has a vertical motor with a side shaft to drive the wheels.      Need to check.  The wheels seem tilted in the above images.

Thinking Pulsa-Jet  Carb

The IC has a cast iron sleeve.  A very good thing.

Some parts are still available.  Stens has std pistons for $20.  Briggs are  near $100 and only .020 rings can be had on first glance.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Murray 40702X92A (returned to city to be crushed)

Today I received a tip that there was a lawn tractor at the roll off.

Cosmetically it look good.   Seems to have compression.  Gas tank is empty and smells ok.  It's a flat head.

Apparently  the tip was a bad one.  I had to return the tractor.                                  LOL easy come easy go.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

New Acquisitions

Honda 501 Tiller 
Yard Machine Tiller
Mantis Tiller, no tines
Snapper Commercial Mower -  this one surges
Other Mower
DR Trimmer -  A professional unit.  Wire wheels.  Need numbers.

Craftsman 35835028 42cc 18" chain saw
Saw runs with a squirt in the carb.   
Vibration isolater is broken. ereplacement parts has a kit
Need to test fuel system and carb prior to ordering parts.


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tempoary seat for Murray 39004

Found some pics from when I moved the tractor into storage.  A few days later we obtained a bunch of equipment and I had to move it outside. Still shuffling things about.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Briggs 8HP Gear Reduction 170542 0549 01

New engine today. Still looking to decode some of the code. Does not make sense. 170452-0549-01

EREPLACEMENT PARTS has a listing for  -99 suffix.  That is maybe the production line IIRC.  Many parts can still be purchased.  Need check this over see what it needs.  0.020 pistons are $78 LOL

Turns over with pull start. Seems to have compression.  Gear reduction maybe fooling me.

The recoil looks original or has been on the engine a long time.  I don't see an electric starter.

Have not checked out the gear reduction.    6:1 seems to be the common ratio.

Paper air cleaner.