Saturday, November 18, 2017

MM Model 8 Keyway Cutter

This came with the tooling for the Sidney lathe.  Have not seen one.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Milling Table ?

Found this in the junk with the Brown and Sharp Lathe.     Looks like a two axis at right angles one being up.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Brown and Sharp #6 Turret Lathe (junked)

I mentioned to a friend that I was getting the Sidney Lathe.  He said I could have this lathe to do whatever I wanted with.

If it ever had a carriage it is missing.

Some turret lathes have long handled wheels (think drill press) to move the turret along the bed.  This one seems to have a bar welded to it for that purpose.

The ways on this lathe are much lighter than on the Sidney.

If I keep nothing else it may well be this interesting 4 jaw chuck.  It looks like it is setup to hold square maybe rectangular stock.  Or it might be a set of clamp on jaws.

Whatever it is mounted to the spindle is interesting.  Sort of looks like a large Jacobs style chuck.  Notice the finger grips on the rim.

It has been converted to V belt drive.  Notice the missing gear tooth.

Oilers are missing.

The front bearing seems to be a multi part, maybe cone, tightened by that notched ring ahead of the bearing.

The rear looks to be a standard split bronze bushing. The cover for the headstock is in the chip tray.

I don't have any plans for this lathe but it looks to be a simple lathe and except for the missing tooth maybe simple to fix.

Maybe a crazy idea but perhaps it could live outside under a tarp and use a gas engine.  If it proves to be useful enough it could be moved in side and given more TLC.  Just thinking.

November 11

My BX will not even lift the countershaft stand.  In an attempt to lighten the lathe in general I am removing parts.  Today I removed the collet chuck by separating it from the back plate.  A 3/8" rachet and an allen socket did the trick.  They were not too difficult to remove.

Started removing the spindle so I could free the belts between it and the motor stand.  Managed to loosen the tailstock bearing cap screws by double nutting the strange bolts.   Did not try to loosen the bearing cap.  Thinking one should back off the spanner nut first.  Did not attempt the front where there is brazing in a hole where the bolt should be.  Gorilla snot.

To my great surprise the tailstock including turret came free by loosening the grippers that held it to the bed.  This is a rod that extends through the bed and comes out the other side.

This thing is heavy.  I just managed to drag it from the lathe bed to the truck bed.  Once home I moved it from the truck to the loader bucket and from there to a dolly.  It must weigh quite a bit because the tractor's rear wheels did not have any traction with it in the bucket.   Thinking at least 300 lbs.

This thing is a brute.  I may need the engine crane to handle it.

I moved the parts washer to the machine shop and washed the disassembled chuck with tide and dawn.  Could not find the purple power.  It did not remove all the grease but most of the dirt is gone.

If that ring with the balls in it is a bearing there is a good chance it is ruined.

The cleaner chuck.  The hand wheel now works as it should to tighten the collet.

The entire thing is going to need to be cleaned better.  Maybe with hotter water, better soap or worst case brake cleaner.

Thinking about putting a dish washer in the shop for cleaning parts.  Just need to rig up a pump and heater because the shop has no water.

Needed a better images of the threader for vintage machinery.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Massive Shop Rearrangement

We have all heard that metal and wood working don't play well together.  To get ready for the lathe's arrival I am moving most everything.

East Shop: woodworking, foundry, salon tables
South Garage: tractors, power equipment, and toys
North Garage: stained glass, metaphysical,  sheet rock and insulation

East Shop: metal working, stained glass, store
South Garage: Woodworking
North Garage: Foundry, sheet rock and insulation
East House: salon tables

I estimate 2 weeks.  

Although less than ideal for various reasons it the best I can come up with at this time.
I may have to scrap some of the salon tables.  The north garage has a leaky roof. and not much in the way of electrical wiring.  Will have to make it work.

It would be better to have the woodshop in the North garage and the Foundry in the South Garage but I would have to move the sheetrock and other stuff stored in the north.  Still maybe the better idea.

Friday, October 20, 2017

All the salon tables are now in the east house.
All the tractors and tillers in the south garage are now in the east shop where the salon tables were.  These will be moved to the main shop area when things settle down.
Next I need to finish getting the engines and stuff out of the south garage and into the shop.  Then I need to move the  sheetrock and other stuff stored in the north garage into the south garage.  Oh Joy!


Moved 81 sheets of drywall from the north to south garage. Screwed a 2x6 to a 2 foot strip of plywood to make a support   3 large c clamps on the front edge of the loader keep the support from sliding off.


Cleaned most of the rest of the stuff out of the north garage.  Laundered some clothes stored there.


Moving tractors and equipment from east shop back to south garage.   Seems I have more room in the south garage then envisioned.  Thinking the road roller may go into the east shop so I can get it back to working.   Should be room in the south garage for the backhoe.

Moved a bit less than 1/2 of the contents of the garage office to the east shop.  Much of this stuff is not related the mmetaphysical display and can be chucked or moved to the south house.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Took a wall off the garage office leaving the short wall with the door.   The long table from the east shop fits nicely in the office bay.  The wood lath goes along the outside of the remaining wall.

So far the table saw, jointer and wood lathe have been moved.  There is a wagon load of misc ready to be moved into the garage.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sindey Lathe

Unless something goes south we will be getting a 16x? Sidney lathe.  The lathe has been sitting outside and will need a fair deal of TLC prior to going into service.  The current owner purchased it for his own use, 3rd lathe, but never got around to installing it.   He is a good machinist so I expect he would not have gotten it if it was in bad shape.  Outwardly it shows little wear or abuse.

November 12 

Today we picked up the lathe.

The chip pan is quite bent up.   But it was the only good way to move the lathe with a fork lift.  And it is the way it was done last time so no new damage.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Troy Built Tiller Electric Start

I was gifted with this troy built tiller.   The stated problem was that the transmission was locked up. It looks like the ignition has been converted to solid state maybe an automotive setup.  The first step is to identify the engine.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Alkota High Pressure Steam Cleaner

No it not for cleaning carpets.  Its used to remove grease and grime from engines and other equipment.   It will even strip paint.

The unit belongs to a friend who has no place to store and very infrequent use for it.  It has been run in the past few years but I don't know exactly when.  This may wait till spring as I imagine one has to winterize it to keep the pump(s) from freezing.

The Alkota company is still making machines so the next step is to contact them for a manual.  I have not found a data plate so it could be interesting.