Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Massive Shop Rearrangement

We have all heard that metal and wood working don't play well together.  To get ready for the lathe's arrival I am moving most everything.

East Shop: woodworking, foundry, salon tables
South Garage: tractors, power equipment, and toys
North Garage: stained glass, metaphysical,  sheet rock and insulation

East Shop: metal working, stained glass, store
South Garage: Woodworking
North Garage: Foundry, sheet rock and insulation
East House: salon tables

I estimate 2 weeks.  

Although less than ideal for various reasons it the best I can come up with at this time.
I may have to scrap some of the salon tables.  The north garage has a leaky roof. and not much in the way of electrical wiring.  Will have to make it work.

It would be better to have the woodshop in the North garage and the Foundry in the South Garage but I would have to move the sheetrock and other stuff stored in the north.  Still maybe the better idea.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sindey Lathe

Unless something goes south we will be getting a 16x? Sidney lathe.  The lathe has been sitting outside and will need a fair deal of TLC prior to going into service.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Troy Built Tiller Electric Start

I was gifted with this troy built tiller.   The stated problem was that the transmission was locked up. It looks like the ignition has been converted to solid state maybe an automotive setup.  The first step is to identify the engine.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Alkota High Pressure Steam Cleaner

No it not for cleaning carpets.  Its used to remove grease and grime from engines and other equipment.   It will even strip paint.

The unit belongs to a friend who has no place to store and very infrequent use for it.  It has been run in the past few years but I don't know exactly when.  This may wait till spring as I imagine one has to winterize it to keep the pump(s) from freezing.

The Alkota company is still making machines so the next step is to contact them for a manual.  I have not found a data plate so it could be interesting.

Upholstery Machine

Not exactly a Zombie Engines sort of thing but this week we got to make a check mark on my wife's bucket list by landing this sewing machine.  I believe its a Consew.  Who knows maybe we can reupholster a GT seat.
At some point I may get a bolt of canvas and make up custom covers for things like swamp coolers and AC units.   Maybe go nuts and make some for the big shop tools.  Whoo Hoo

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Old Ranch King aka MTD

Picked up this tractor today.  Mainly to see if the pickup mounted crane would handle it.  It managed but just.  Needs to be reinforced.

This is a bit of a strange tractor.  The grass catcher feeds out both sides of the deck.  It is a variable speed drive which I'm not found of.

The owner said someone welded on the exhaust and that caused a major oil leak.  That lead to knocking.
Need to decode this plate.
Took a few more pictures.

Weight Bracket

Grass Discharges on Both Sides of the Deck

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Why Do I Blog

I mostly blog for myself.   My memory does not work quite like it should.  The blogs help me track my project progress.   Makes it a lot easier to pickup where I left off and its fun to go back and see what I would not recall without the blog.

If anyone else finds my blogs worth reading so be it.