Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hydrostatic Tiller

Picked up a Case garden tiller.  Model K74,  It has a hydraulic motor.

Friday, September 15, 2017

1914 Buick Distributor

Attempting to loosen and remove the distributor from a 1914 Buick at the Cimarron Heritage Center.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Cart upgrades

My 4 wheel cart died 2 years ago.  Recently one of the wheel barrel tires on the two wheel card died.  I'm tired of the crappy carts.

I replaced the 2 wheel cart tires with a pair of smallish rear lawn tractor tires. The axle hubs were the right size but too long.  Used an angle grinder to shorten the rim hubs by about 1 inch out the outside face.  I like it.

The original wheels were the type used on wheel barrels and generally only last a two or three years.

The four wheel cart is a much larger problem. 

The frame is weak the wheels are crap.  In this image the front end was already cut off.   It too was way too weak.

The new frame is from the first YTS3000 lawn tractor acquired and dismantled maybe 2 years ago.  It had a very poorly designed steering arrangement so the front axle and linkages will come from the original opposed twin Murray, the 40 inch deck unit.  

The rear axle is from another scrapped tractor.  The axle only had reverse and forward because it was coupled to a variable speed pulley setup.  The rear wheels drive the shaft original used by the disc brake rotor.   I removed the gears connecting the differential to the input shaft.
Welded the Murray front axle assembly to the bottom of the craftsman axle pocket.  The rear axle will get risers to bring the frame level.

The frame is too long for the bed from the trailer it is replacing.  Have to decide if I want to cut down the frame or make a new bed.

The handle and bed/box will come from the original wagon.  

Monday, August 21, 2017

1919 Avery C ?

First off this tractor belongs to the Cimarron Heritage Center  in Boise City Oklahoma.   I am helping with the identification for now.

First 2 small images to share on smokestack.

Now the full sized images

Video of similar tractor on youtube

Carl Nitzel's 1921 Avery Tractor.

This one is not identical but has some elements in common.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Sales literature.  Love the baby moon's.

Checked the oil and gassed it up.

The tractor body is mostly in good shape.  The exception to that is damage from a front end collision.

 This home brew muffler has a bit of charm.

Tecumseh 12HP engine.   Its not locked up.

Toolbox under seat.  I don't see any seat suspension.

Engine Model HH120-120045D

June 7

The engine is tossing oil out the exhaust and smoking.  So I ordered a head gasket.  When it come I plan to measure the cylinder bore.   That will tell me where to go next.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Kohler 15HP Yard Machine

Obtained a 15HP yard machine hydrostatic tractor.  It is a parts missing turkey.  Was told there was originally a hydro drive problem when the guy got it and he could not get it to start.

Hood is a busted pile of plastic.

Engine would not turn past the compression stroke.  It was just very dry.  It would turn without the plug.  Put the plug back in dumped gas in the carb and it fired.  It would not run on the carb.

A new carb runs for $50 to $150.  Need to see if the existing one will clean up.

It is hard to see this as anything but a parts tractor.   Maybe this engine can be used on go-putz the little airens rear engine rider.  Gas tank would be a problem.

But I don't trust this engine without tearing it down because it turns so hard when it sits for a while.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Another city auction

Our city sells off surplus equipment every year or three.   I put bids in on a MF 12 garden tractor, 10hp generator with blown engine, 4 cylinder powered wood chipper, and a huge V8 Diesel powered 3 phase generator.

It would be nice to have the Wisconsin powered MF 12.  The 3 phase generator would sllow me to use 3 phase equipment w/o a roto phase converter.

The follow two items are the only ones I really want.

This flat contains an Onam that just might serve as a replacement engine for the 682.

It also has a 10HP briggs powered colman generator with a hole in the block.

The gear driven MF 12 garden tractor.

Results:   Top bid for the MF12 garden tractor with 42 inch deck.  Hitched up the tractor snatcher/grabber and brought it home.