John Deere 111

A few more images of the JD111.  These were taken in the shop where I found the tractor.
 It is a gear tractor.
The tractor comes with a bad briggs opposed twin.   The white box in the lower right is a new crank.  I was told it also came with new rods.  Maybe I can score some pistons and build the engine.

I am not sure if I will try to put it back or keep it a twin.  For sure the gas tank hanging off the back has to go if I can find a better place for it.  Need to see how it looks with a twin sitting in the tractor and the hood in place.

I have been trying to figure out where to put these two.   My thinking is in the office part of the shop.  It is in shambles and unused.   Both are going to be a collection of parts and I want to try not to mix them in with other collections.

A JD111 with B&S opposed twin from the net.

Found these on the web

Used the bore gage to evaluate the 2 briggs opposed twin blocks that came with the JD 111.   The one which is missing most everything but the shortblock needs to bored .020 over (I think).  The other is mostly there and the wear is .004" over the virgin area.  This should be a buildable engine.

Toying with taking the opposed twin off the Murray 14.5/42 and putting it on the JD111 just to get it moving.   But then the Murray will not move.  Oh well.