Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Meet the Candidates

This past summer I obtained several used, used up, and abused engines.   Generally I prefer to have engines that actually serve a function rather then sit on the shelf.  But I expect I will end up with a few when all is said and done.

As I start on each engine I will start a post for it.  

Auto Augar with Clinton 2 stroke 

This Clinton powered AutoAugar post hole digger was on its way to be melted down for scrap.  

It was missing the pull start, had a messed up hand throttle, and needed carb work. The carb bowl gasket was bad so I cut one using my cricut.  Clinton recoil starters are pricey so I used the recoil starter and the cup from a Tecumseh parts mower.  It does not bolt on but firmly friction fits against the original mounting studs.   I tried it out and it digs about as well as any on the one man units now being sold.    

Essick VR30RE
Status: RUNNING (engine only)

Two of the largest engines are 9.2HP AENLD Wisconsin's.  The first is on an Essick VR30RE road roller.  Rebuilding the carb and cleaning up the magneto was enough to get the engine running. The roller need a bit more work. Read about that journey at VR30RE.BlogSpot.com.


About the time I started working on the roller my neighbor showed up with another AENLD in his pickup.  The fellow who gave it to him said it ran which I am sure was true when it was last started.  At the time the engine on the roller was not working and I was thinking I might have to do an engine swap. The magneto from this engine is currently on the roller and I am in the process or rebuilding the carb.  This one does seem to have less hours on it and better compression.

Currently I am working on the carb and the magneto needs new points.

WEEDEATER 20" mower

When the renter next door moved out he offered this mower to another neighbor.  The seen that it had been sitting without an air cleaner and was very difficult to turn over. After they rejected it I grabbed it.  A bit of PB blaster in the cylinder fixed the problem with it cranking hard and seafoam in the gas cleaned up the carb. An exact match for the air cleaner came from a donor mower.  It looks and runs like new.  And if you want one wallmart is selling a big wheel version for about $165.  

Admittedly it is a cheap mower but it is lightweight and cuts well for me.

Cooper Klipper Trim

This little gem was also on its way to the scrap yard.  It has what I think is a 3hp B&S with a vacu-jet carb.  The chains are rusted in and I have not tried to turn over the motor.

Note to self:  Do a post on vacu-jet and pulsa-jet carbs.

Ariens RM1332

I picked up the Ariens 2 years ago and it burned a bit of oil  It has gotten to the point that the coil consumption is so excessive I fear to run the engine.   It has a 13HP B&S IC engine.  It does a super job of leaf collection.  We call it go-putz.  Note: standard sized chrome rings 392331 

The city auctioned off some of their old equipment using sealed bids.  We had the winning bid on the VR30RE and a lot of small engines.  It included 6 trash pumps, 10hp briggs insect fogger, a mystery wisconsin and a 15KW briggs powered genset.  There is also a 3 cylinder speedair compressor powered by a 2 cylinder military engine.

I want to include a better picture of the compressor here.  The motor is hard to see in its current paint so I will also include an image of what it is supposed to look like.  Either the motor or the compressor is seized.  It also has a delco generator/start unit as does the VR30RE.  It would be so cool to have this working and self start.