Cub Cadet 682


Cub 682 added to the collection
I did not need a garden tractor as I already have the Kubota BX and a Craftsman LT1000 lawn tractor.  But I wanted one.

We have not driven our 1975 Dodge Royal Monaco for a 3 or 4 years and the sun was cooking (had cooked) it so we listed it on craigslist.  A fellow from the Dallas area  bought the car and as part of the deal he would transport a garden tractor on his way up.

The window of opportunity was short but I did find a somewhat abused and neglected Cub Cadet 682 not too far from where he lived at an affordable price.  Time will tell if that equates to reasonable.  These are the 3 pictures posted to craigslist. With a picture it is often difficult to tell rust from dirt which made deciding to buy the tractor without seeing it a hard choice. The deciding factor was that I wanted one and this was my chance.  These beasts are almost nonexistent here.

The tractor arrived and I took a few pictures while my wife took the guy and his wife away to do the paper work on the car.

It was about what I expect and but for the mower most of the yuk in the craigslist pictures was dirt. 


The engine is the more desirable KT17 Series II with a high pressure oil pump but no filter.  That can be added.  The tractor is

According to this chart the serial number makes it a 1983 tractor.  Unfortunately this means it was build by Cub Cadet and not International Harvester but I still like it.

He got the car and I got a tractor.  Two happy campers.

12/16/14 Punch List

Missing parts.
  • Side panels and headlight rings $90 
  • Headlights $32 on Not Now List
  • Grill  $20
  • Screen 2 for grill and 1 under tractor
  • Starter side cylinder shroud $10
  • Mower pulley shield
  • Fender Pan Access Panel ~   $13
  • Choke cable (busted knob) ~ $40   * try to fix old one!
Obvious non cosmetic problems.
  • Bendix does not work *cleaned it so now I have an extra drive)
  • Battery only holds enough charge to start once
  • Steering box needs rebuilding 
  • Engine dies instead of idling  (new carb) $100
  • Deck is beat to crap
  • Hour meter (not running)
  • 3pt hitch does not move
Desired upgrades. 
  • Super steer steering box upgrade 
  • Electronic ignition update
Things I need to check
  • Crankcase vacuum 
  • Compression 85 and 75.  Should do a leak down test.
  • Front quick attach system
  • Hydro fan
  • Front axle pivito bolt and grease everything.
Missing 3pt hitch parts from XTREM Motorworks and TSC
  • PN# CC-33-002 Category 0 - 3 Point Lift Cross Chain Set  $45.00

Need to find chain I like then see what size of bolt will go through a link.  Then buy turnbuckles with that diameter hook or pin.

The lift rods were on the arms and it looks like the 3rd link that came with the BX will work.  It is too short for the BX.

12/17/14 December Log 

Too cold to spend much time outside.

 The bendix is better after cleaning with a spray of break clean.  Still fails to engage but only like 1 in 5 tries. I sprayed silicon on it after cleaning. Maybe some oil or a better cleaning.

The KT17  would not start today.  I tightened a spark plug that was about to fall out. I pulled the other and dried it with a burnz-o-matic torch.  Then it started

The K17 would not idle.  The idle mixture was cranked way out.  Setting it to 1 and 1/4 turns helped.  Now it works at a high idle but dies if I set the idle speed down past that.    We are at 4000 feet so maybe richening the mixture a bit more would  help that.

It also makes a popping noise while running. Not sure if it from the exhaust or intake.   It was doing this when I first started  this but it was louder.  That seemed to go away about the time I put real gas in it. The tractor came from about sea level so maybe the fixed jetting is too lean.

Thinking of that it pops when it idles so I can play with the idle mixture to see if I can get it to go away.

Thursday,December 18, 2014

 Too cold to work outside.  Ordered the engine side tin and the side covers.   Also found a oil filter adapter on ebay and order it after much discussion on only cub cadets.    And a beat up grill.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yesterday and today have been nice, reached 60F today.  I took the steering box out yesterday and cleaned it up.  A new follower and an easy steer upgrade kit are on order.   The follower was really hosed and the steering column tube came loose from the box.  Thinking about using graphite grease or adding some graphite prior to adding the grease.

Today I cleaned the carb and started on a compression test but the tester leaks.  It got to 60 pounds but it was leading so bad I am sure the is not near what it should have been.    Need to get a compressor going in this shop so I can hook it up as a leakdown tester and find the leak. Could be dried up O- rings on the fitting that screws in.

The cab bowl and guts are a mess. Significant ethanol damage.  I did manage to get a  24 gauge wire through the small tube in the main jet that provides the idle fuel.  I hope I can get this working preferably without taking out the welch plugs.  Tomorrow I will clean it again in the ultrasonic and blow it out with the compressor while hot .  Then try it.  I do have one gasket to cut.  Maybe get that done while it warms up tomorrow night.

 The wiring looks like a mess.

Tuesday,December 23, 2014

The oil filter adapter and the $5 + $15 shipping grill came today.  The grill was a greasy mess with two broken ribs and missing pins but it was about what I expected.

On the left you can see two broken ribs.  The right shows the missing pins.

I gave the grill a scrub in the sink and then took it to the shop to see how it looked and fit in the tractor.  The green clamp is holding it in place.

The exhaust pipe is not centered in the grill but here is another 682 with it in the same place.

And apparently the quick release latch for the mower carriage is supposed to hang down.  That or his is busted too.

I am still a bit unclear as to what holds the upper and lower screen in place. On the right is a nice look at the lights. In another video I found the first clear picture of the spring used to hold the front of the side covers in place.  Why do people put galvanized pipe tee's on the oil filler?

On there is this about exhaust shrouds.
If it is a late KT series-II (with the external oil filter block-off) you can use an exhaust shroud from a magnum powered Cub like a 1872/1811/1812/1806.

Wednesday,December 24, 2014

Found a case IH dealer in Elkhart.  Scotts Equipment
1 Gallon Hytran 20.25 2.5 gallon 47.25

This is a picture that just has to be saved.  It is the only one I have ever seen of the backside of the 682 like cat 0 3 pt hitch from the 'inside'.  This one is for a 2284. 


Friday, December 26, 2014

Winter is here for keeps.  We can not expect to see 50s and 60s for a month or two.  The shop the tractor is in is too drafty heat.  Thinking about moving it over to the all metal shop where I may be able to use a wood stove.


The fuse holders have always looked strange.  Yesterday I got up close and personal with them.  They had no caps and contained dirt instead of fuses.  It is not surprising the lights do not work.  I found a source of similar holders for a good price and may sell them on ebay

Looked at tail lights and lenses.  I did not find a supplier but there may be 3rd party lights that would fit maybe LED ones.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The following 3 photos are courtesy of only cou cadet member jimbob200521.  I requested images of how the grill and lights went together.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Today I finished working on the frozen 3pt hitch.  To do this I had to remove the seat and fenders.  There were inches of dirt and numerous wasp nests.  Thankfully they were empty.  The picture was taken after I removed the crud.

The trunnion looks good.

3PT Hitch Video

Tuesday,December 30, 2014

The steering box follower arrived yesterday but it is too cold to pack it with grease out in the garage.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The new carb came Thursday. I had started cleaning the old carb but when I found a new one for $100 with a main jet adjustment I had to have it.  The new carb is a WGH but it is intended for the single cylinder Kohlers.  Yesterday I switched the throttle and choke shafts between the old and new so the linkages would work without modifications.  I was having trouble with the screws until I tuned up a screw driver with sand paper.

The carb is on the engine and ready to go but for the new fuel lines.   I plan to add an additional fuel shutoff and a fuel filter but am having a bit of trouble finding the best place to put them.

The 20 fuse holders I ordered came yesterday and they look good  Now I need to get them up on ebay.

The grill screens have 3/16" holes every 1/4" horizontally, 18 gauge.  The blank material from McMaster-carr are way spendy.  And cutting out the round holes could be fun.

Monday, January 5, 2015

It hit 53F this afternoon.  Great weather for working on the cub.

The side covers came in and they look great.  They were the first parts I ordered and last to arrive but well worth the wait.

Ebay Photo

Swapped the throttle and choke shafts from the old to new carb and installed it. Works but throttle still is wonky.  Looks like the governor springs and linkages have been moved from factory settings.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I put the steering box back together today and took it out for a spin.

The steering is much tighter but the toe-in needs adjusting.  The slop in the wheel is down to two or 3 inches and most of that is in the linkages.

The steering column is hosed.  Looks like it was rubbing against the drive shaft at one time or something.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A cold day.  The plan is to buy oil and make a gasket for the filter adapter.  Too cold to start the tractor today.

ThursdayJanuary 8, 2015

Today I did the initial setting on the governor and it seems to be working fine.  Still have to check the top end with the tach,

The toe-in was off by about an inch.  Used a tape measure between the inside of the rims.  Good enough.  One of the tie rod ends looks to be new.

Took it for 1 mile or so spin.

Checked the charging voltage and it checked out OK at 14.7V.  Works for me.

Took it for another shorter drive about 4PM and drained the oil when I got back home.

Next on the list is to put on the oil filter adapter and replace the oil with Rotella T 15W-40.  I hope it quiets the valve noise some.

A late night trip revealed that the gas is leaking.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

To mount the oil filter adapter I need a gasket.  They are commonly sold for $14.  Starting with an image from ebay I used inkscape to draw a SVG version and cut it with MakeTheCut.  I wasted some time trying to get MTC to create a vector file by tracing.  Sometimes it works sometimes it don't

The filter is on but I need to modify the engine cooling tin to make room for the filter.  It is maybe 1/2" short but I will give it a bit more than that.

I took it for a ride with the cylinder tin loose on top.  Oil filter got warm so it is circulating.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Tried to start it today but  it would not go.  20F outside not sure what temp the tractor was at.  It puffed but would not go.  Then the starter would not stop spinning.  This is one of the things the previous owner talked about.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Found this on amazon.

Kohler in their infinite wisdom has changed contractors in the construction of their oil filter. The black filter shown in the photograph is not what is often sold this year. They are selling a yellow painted filter using a Champion Laboratories "Eco" design with this part number. A quality oil filter has a metal interior with holes to allow the oil to flow through it. This metal cyclinder supports the paper filter element. The "eco" design uses a plastic grid with large openings. This does not fully support the filter and allows pieces of the filter element to pass into the engine. This naturally causes blockages which leads to engine failure. If you want a quality oil filter for your Kohler engine, use a Purolator L10241 (or PL10241) or the Wix 51348 as substitutes for this filter. The Champion Laboratory's "Eco" design is probably worse than a Fram oil filter. I would give the "eco" filter a zero stars if that was possible.
I tried a bit of car polish on the hood today.  There is some color under the oxidation!


Removed the carb and reinstalled the throttle and choke plate with locktight red gel.  Just to be sure.

Put a dab of blue bolt locker on the screws holding the air cleaner to the carb.  Not sure that was a good idea.
Tried moving the choke cable below the screw holding it and it interferes with the governor arm.  Need to put it back the way it was.


Not much going on.  Now has a battery that holds a charge.   Lost the little screw that holds the choke cable to the air inlet elbow.   I don't know if I have made a drive video, so here one is.

<missing video>

This tractor has not been started for a while due to a bad starter.   I wanted to get it going and get some gas stabilizer into it.  So I fixed the starter.

This is the first kohler starter I worked on.

The starter brushes were in good shape so I left them in place.  I replaced the starter drive as the nut like part in the center bottom image was worn.

I also replaced the fuel shut off and its rubber grommet.   However the fuel tank is loose in its mount.

Pulled the left side engine tin out of storage.   But the bolts I have are all too long and the holes are full of dirt.  I can shorten the bolts but need to clean and tap the holes.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A few days ago I shortened the bolts and installed most of the bolts on both side.  Ran the tractor across time and it started acting up.  Maybe it needs to be de-carboned.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Found this about quietline taillights on OnlyCubCadet forum.  The 682 may use the same lights.

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Default LED tail light

After trying many Bulb/LED on my quiet line I finally found a good setup kepping the original red lens (Bargman 378)
and using Peterson bases (V2546R)