Thursday, April 20, 2017

Another city auction

Our city sells off surplus equipment every year or three.   I put bids in on a MF 12 garden tractor, 10hp generator with blown engine, 4 cylinder powered wood chipper, and a huge V8 Diesel powered 3 phase generator.

It would be nice to have the Wisconsin powered MF 12.  The 3 phase generator would sllow me to use 3 phase equipment w/o a roto phase converter.

The follow two items are the only ones I really want.

This flat contains an Onam that just might serve as a replacement engine for the 682.

It also has a 10HP briggs powered colman generator with a hole in the block.

The gear driven MF 12 garden tractor.

Results:   Top bid for the MF12 garden tractor with 42 inch deck.  Hitched up the tractor snatcher/grabber and brought it home.