Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jacobson Super Bagger Electric Start Briggs 110707

The fellow who had the JD112 gifted me with this one.  It is a 4HP Briggs with electric start.  The battery is a gel cell and can be had for less than $20.  The battery is on the lab power supply now because the float charger could not see it.  I expect it is toast as the charge current started at 0 and is now at .01A.

Battery Box

It is sort of exciting to have my hands on an electric start small engine.  It has me wondering if I can use this start on the WinCo generator.  If not an electric start mower would be nice.  And it is something different.

This mower has a lot of plastic on it.  The engine turns over but way too hard.  Maybe a good cleanup will fix that.  If not off comes the head!

John Deere 112 Intro

This will remain a draft till the tractor is in my shop.

I made a deal today for what I remember to be a nice JD 112.  It has been indoors and not running for the past X years.  Local small engine guy purchased it from a lady so he would not have to fix it.  He said she got it from a guy in guymon who repainted it.

He said it has the Kohler 12hp.  So it should look about like this.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Today I paid for the tractor.  The owner said we will dig it out on Saturday.  The wife tagged along and I had salsa in my beard.  Humiliating... but I am used to it.

There is a chance it may have an electric lift.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I hoses it off at the car wash on the way home.  My wife named it "old one eye" while it was still on the trailer.

Story is that a lady purchased it from a guy who fixed it up. The coating he put in the gas tank came off and kept messing up the fuel system. Her repair guy purchased it from her so he would not have to deal with it. It has been living in his shop for a number of years. I got it from him.

The plan is to put it back close to original but not a show tractor. It is going to get used. Maybe keep the headlight if I can find a matched that is not too dear. Are they a dealer installed option? The tail lights have been replaced with trailer marker lights.

It is cold wet and miserable today so I have yet to see if the engine will turn over or if the electric lift works. Would it be a good idea to tear down the lift and the starter prior to trying them given that it may have been sitting for 10 years or more?

It is 1/12000 112's made in 1973

My friend Tod has DOWNS syndrome.  A mutual friend gave Tod this LT1000 because Tod likea to drive my BX2200 and we figured he would enjoy driving this.  The tractor lives at my house.

The fellow who gifted Tod with the tractor said he bought it to mow but it was a smoker.  So he could not use it.

Up to this point we have changed the oil but not the filter.  The 'B&S' filter I purchased would not thread on.  Need to do another change with filter.  I pulled the steering wheel in an attempt to remove some wobble.  We also pulled the front wheels and greased them.

I noticed that the smoke was intermittent so figured it would not be rings.  Also the smoke is not blue enough to be oil related.  My first guess was that it was an exhaust valve sticking.  Now I am thinking it could be a stuck float valve in the carb.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Briggs 31P777-0237-G5 #2 teardown

A few days ago I removed the flywheel but the sump cover would not come off.

It came off today with a lot of wedging and tapping.

The cylinder bore measures the same top to bottom which means there has been little wear use.  Need to be darn sure this oiling passages are all open on this machine.   

The #40 torx socket I had was of poor quality.  I screwed up one of the rod cap screws with it.  Bought two to try at carquest and got the 2nd one off.  I ended up grinding the bad one off with a dremel.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Ordered 4 new rod bolts.   If the engine on the DYT4000 is junker this engine may go there instead of on go-putz because it is a direct replacement.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Dirty Work. Bench

The workbench came with the garage is black with oil, and the one I put in a year ago is getting there.  This concerns me because if this stuff ever catches fire it will burn so fast that it could burn down the entire building.

I had a short roll of aluminum used by the people who apply it to houses.  A bit of old plywood wrapped with this stuff is my new 'dirty' bench.

I wish covered the entire width but it is what it is and I did not want to make the bench narrower.  Maybe a 2nd bit of aluminum with some silicone seal to make it leak proof.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tractor Stable

Did some light snow removal today.  I pulled the 682 out in an attempt to reorder the shop floor to make room for small engine building up front.  While I was at it I rounded up the LT1000 to take a family portrait.

Left to right in the first image are the Bx2200, Cub Cadet 682, and Craftsman LT2000.  The hood and grill for the MTD are on the end and the road roller is under the blue tarp. Some time down the road when everything is working I need to get everyone in on the act.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Garden cart build / rebuild

As mentioned elsewhere I have saved the front end of the MTD for reuse on a wagon or cart of some sort.

The engine came out to go to a better chassis.

The axle was bolted on and came off in 3 parts.

A sawzall with a "Torch" blade was used to make the cut.

It took a good bit of scrubbing and dawn dish soap to get to where it was clean enough to work with.

Here the front and back supports are hanging on the pivot.

I reassembled the axle to the cut off frame section but did not get an pictures.

The wagon frame was hard to disassemble because the bolt heads had screwdriver slots.  Most I could hold with a vicegrip but one was so difficult I cut it off with the sawzall.  The next time I get that type of fastener I will replace it with a hex head bolt if it fits.

The wagon frame is so light that I may make a new one.  It would be nice to find a set of wheels for the back and a box then I could just repair the existing wagon instead of cannibalizing it.

Yesterday we had a snow warning so I moved everything behind the shop so I could do snow removal if needed.  Need to get more pics.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yesterday I laid the frame and front end out.  So far the best idea I can come up with is to form the existing frame around the cut off bit of tractor frame.

Postscript:  I later traded the axle for a worn out 12.5HP briggs.

Briggs 31P777-0237-G5 #1 and #2

I scored a 2nd Briggs 31P777.  This engine is from the original owner and friend Jess, He said it was spewing oil out so much it covered the trailer he was pulling.  It has 200 hours on it.

I neglected to take a picture prior to pulling the cylinder head. This is a picture of the plastic shroud.

Need to measure the bore to be sure but the hope is that it is good and that the problem is something like a clogged breather.

My hope is that I am seeing hash marks in this picture? (this turned out to be big time wishful thinking)

The head is oily but not much in the way of deposits.

There is a plan A and a plan B here.  Unless the sale of parts from the first engine is very successful I plan to see if I can get this one running.  On the other hand if the first sells well they both go.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My initial plan for this engine is to see if I can get it running and maybe stop the oil blowout.  To that end I rearranged the shop so I have a space near the front to work on small engines.  
Sunday, January25, 2015
Will need the following to reassemble.  Maybe

Briggs P/N 19356 (#18)
Oil Seal Protector Kit-Includes Sleeves Shown
Your Price: $13.55

Monday, February 2, 2015

I have the crank out of the block on 31P777 #1.  The the counter weighs are still on and will stay there till I wash parts for reassembly.  Other then that the only parts still together is the head.

Looking for Intek tips on MowBetter mower racing forum.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jess called and said he needed a carb.  So I made one.  Turned out he did not have the fuel shutoff plugged in.  Later he was having governor trouble so I gave him the governor control plate off of #2 which was his engine.

Made 2 carbs into one today.  One had a stuck electric fuel shutoff, another had a too big 0 ring sealing the fuel inlet between the metal body and the plastic bit the float attaches to. Swelled or wrong part?  I came up short a main jet,  Not sure the jet was ever there.

The brass bit in the center is the main jet
 and it will fall out.

Everything cleaned up nice including the gaskets.  It seem the ultrasonic cleaning is a good way to salvage them if possible.

I also brought the major engine parts in to be washed.  Too cold to do it in the shop.  At this point I have washed the block so I can hone to break the glaze.  I got most of the filings left behind by the dremel when I ground off the one cap bolt.  It is going to be washed many more times after honing.   

Friday, March 6, 2015

The block took a lot of washing.  Switching to wiping with AFT did the trick.  Going to give it a final wash with brake cleaner prior to assembly.

New rod cap bolts are on the way.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Status Update

Three new additions.
Red Cub Cadet with a KT17 Series II.
Briggs 31P777-0237-G5 a naked engine which may go as parts on ebay.
MTD's 11HP briggs. --> now a donor tractor

Running   1st, 3rd, 4th Little briggs, Clinton PHD, Briggs 8HP, Briggs 6.5OHV,

In progress  Cooper Klipper, Winco Generator, AENLD,  ,  3Z107B SpeedAir, Go-Putz, Go-Putz Ariens RM1332 with Briggs IC 13HP,  682's KT17.

Terminal 2nd little Briggs with a bad exhaust valve guide

2A016 with a suspected broken rod,
10HP Briggs,
Wisconsin S-8D without a carb or exhaust.

A friend gifted me with a rear bagger for a mury sand several briggs starters.

An outing to the car wash

First I loaded both tractors.  The fan shroud came off the MTD and the seat pan of the 682.

Prior to leaving I adjusted the brakes on the 682 to make the parking brake work.  The MTD I just put in reverse.

The trip to the carwash was uneventful. No pictures. But I was happy to see that only one of the hydro valves is leaking if at all.

After I got back I put the 682 back together and drove it off the trailer.

This is the number off the MTDs 11HP briggs.

The once over at the carwash got all but the thick deposits.

This engine was traded away and resulted in getting the JD112.

The throttle cable is busted and there seemed to be little or no oil in the engine. But the oil in the 1 gallon container was still and maybe the stuff in the engine would not run out but it was at least very low.


ipod blues

I shoot most all my video using an ipod 4 touch.  It is now old enough that the battery only allows a few minutes of video capture.  That is why you are seeing fewer videos and most are done with few takes.

Now dropbox which is crashing when I start it.  So I setup iCloud to move the images and video to the PC.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

MTD 137-332-078 aka Twirp

I purchased this little tractor from the the same guy I got the last briggs from. The first images are as I found it.

After arriving home.

It is surprisingly complete.  I wonder if the other front wheel rim looks as good.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It is cold outside so I made a video.

It turns out that the battery is called a powersport the same type as go putz uses.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I yesterday I rebuilt the carb, cleaned the gas tank. and replaced the fuel lines.  It still did not go.  It was not cranking fast enough so today I rebuilt the starter. That did the trick.

It is still on the crude side with not throttle or choke cables that work.  But tomorrow I am going to take off the deck and test out the variable speed drive.  If it works I will keep it.

Monday, January 19, 2015

After making the above video I took the tractor for a 1/4 jaunt.  The engine ran great but the transmission did not respond to the lever.  To be useful the tractor needed more then 1 gear ratio.

After pulling the deck I could see the belts were rags and the moving CVT pulley was not moving.   This was too much so at this point it officially became an organ donor.

The engine is going into go-putz the RM1332 soon to become a RM1132.  It could be a bit underpowered and I would like to keep the RM original so when I get the 13HP fixed the 11HP will come back out.  But for now it makes one less tractor on the disabled list.

The front axle will be used to fixup the busted 4 wheel garden cart.

In hindsight this was a good experiance.  It would have been more fun if I could have saved the tractor but I did end up with a good engine and front axle for my cat.

Unless I run into another similar MTD this will be

THE END:  MTD 137-332-078

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Instead of using the engine yesterday I traded it for a 2nd Briggs 31P777  complete with plastic.  This is a 200hr engine that started pumping oil out everywhere.  That engine will be rolled into the blog for the first engine.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Wisconsin S-8D.

I am not starting on this engine but need a place to record info.

The carb is an walbro LME-73 

There is a copy or two of the manual in dropbox/manuals/wisconsin.