Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jacobson Super Bagger Electric Start Briggs 110707

The fellow who had the JD112 gifted me with this one.  It is a 4HP Briggs with electric start.  The battery is a gel cell and can be had for less than $20.  The battery is on the lab power supply now because the float charger could not see it.  I expect it is toast as the charge current started at 0 and is now at .01A.

Battery Box

It is sort of exciting to have my hands on an electric start small engine.  It has me wondering if I can use this start on the WinCo generator.  If not an electric start mower would be nice.  And it is something different.

This mower has a lot of plastic on it.  The engine turns over but way too hard.  Maybe a good cleanup will fix that.  If not off comes the head!