Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Garden cart build / rebuild

As mentioned elsewhere I have saved the front end of the MTD for reuse on a wagon or cart of some sort.

The engine came out to go to a better chassis.

The axle was bolted on and came off in 3 parts.

A sawzall with a "Torch" blade was used to make the cut.

It took a good bit of scrubbing and dawn dish soap to get to where it was clean enough to work with.

Here the front and back supports are hanging on the pivot.

I reassembled the axle to the cut off frame section but did not get an pictures.

The wagon frame was hard to disassemble because the bolt heads had screwdriver slots.  Most I could hold with a vicegrip but one was so difficult I cut it off with the sawzall.  The next time I get that type of fastener I will replace it with a hex head bolt if it fits.

The wagon frame is so light that I may make a new one.  It would be nice to find a set of wheels for the back and a box then I could just repair the existing wagon instead of cannibalizing it.

Yesterday we had a snow warning so I moved everything behind the shop so I could do snow removal if needed.  Need to get more pics.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yesterday I laid the frame and front end out.  So far the best idea I can come up with is to form the existing frame around the cut off bit of tractor frame.

Postscript:  I later traded the axle for a worn out 12.5HP briggs.