Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sidney, First Assembly

This morning I put the rack on the bed.  Cleaned out the pin holes with a round file and put anti seize on the pins.

Previously I assembled the carriage but it will have to be disassembled to move it onto the bed.  And there will be lots trial fits to get the shims just right.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sidney Photos, legs and the headstock cover

Started snowing about 8AM but did not amount to much.

Skim coated the visible part of the first leg.

Removed the excess with a 40 grit 5" random orbital sander.  This is quite an improvement over what it was.

Primed it again and set it aside for paint day.

First image is after sanding with 40 grit on the RO sander.  The following image is after body putty and another coat of primer.  Adding glaze to fill some defects and refining the shape in a few places.

Did a bit of bondo on the bed and lots of glazing to fill small holes on the backside.

Shop was getting cold so I shut down for today.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sidney Photos, Painting the Bed

I have to ask myself why I putting this much time into the paint job?   Can't rightly say.  maybe because I can.   Maybe because when its done I will feel better about it if it looks good.  Maybe I just love rabbit holes.

Applied bondo over primer.

Sanded bondo and added glaze to a few imperfections.  After sanding the glaze it looks about the same as prior to adding it.

The bondo was then spot sprayed with primer.
Sanded the tailstock end of bed and primed it.  No images. 

Both legs now have a coat of primer over the Japanning.   It takes days for that first coat and the Japanning to dry.  The first application of Citric Strip takes most of the pain off.  Then you wipe what with a petroleum product, I use Kerosene.  Not a good thing as the Kerosene and any additional application of stripper makes the Japanning mushy.   Need to work on this process.

Went back over after dark and painted the front of the bed.  

December 13

A few days ago I stripped the paint from both sides of the bed.  Flipped the bed over, sanded and primed it.

Also primed the headstock casting and its cover.

Done for tonight.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A small rag used to supply PB Blaster to the B&S's stuck rear chuck backing plate.   Yup seems to have two.

Same treatment for the Sidney's faceplate on the right.

Sidney Hand Wheels and Ball Cranks

When I'm not up to real restoration or its too cold to use chemical I have been polishing these.

The ball crank and the spinner on the hand wheel are the same metal.  When I polished the hand wheels I did a lame job on the spinner thinking it would not polish well.  Will need to correct that.

This afternoon I polished the hand wheel spinners and the compound ball crank.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Found Numbers on Sidney Ways

While doing additional cleanup on the Sidney's ways I found the numbers.

Now to find out if there is any meaning to them.

Brown & Sharp #6 bearings.

Took another look at the B&S #6's spindle today.  Both bearings turn.   The front can be slid down the shaft and look to be in salvageable condition.  You can see the journals through slots in the bearings.  The bottom one is black maybe rusted, could be a problem.   The back turns but has no place to slide to.  The bearings have 2 deep slits and one cut through the bearing.   I made wicks out of rags to provide PB Blaster to the chuck backing plates stuck to both spindles.

Top Bearing Journal

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sidney lathe

Painted more of the gear mechanism that goes on the head end of the lathe.  Moves power from the headstock to the leadscrew and quickchange gearbox.

The image show one of the parts after removal from the electrolysis tank.   The paint has all but fallen off the part.  A bit of time with a wire brush and a pick cleans it up.  Process replaces both stripper and evapo rust if the part fits in the tank.

Cleaned up the bottom half of the compound but did not paint it.  There are just a few small area in the corners that can be painted with a brush.  Cleaned up the compound leadscrew and polished its ball crank a bit.  Put the cross slide ball crank in the evapo rust.

Took the tail stock hand wheel out of the electrolysis tank and scraped off the last bits of remaining paint.

Opened and cleaned the 3 jaw chuck.   The main body is now in the electrolysis tank.   Plan is to clean up the back side when it mounted on the lathe.

3 Jaw Chuck

After soaking the backside of the chuck for a week with PB Blaster the chuck came apart.  I have been lightly taping the backside with a hammer.  Today I dropped it an inch or to onto the face of the vice.  A crack in the side wall appeared gentle prying with chisels walked the back off.

I expected worse.  This should be an easy cleanup.  But if I want the chuck to look bright it will take a fair deal of work.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sidney Lathe

Today I did a trial assembly of the apron.  After reviewing the disassembly video it was clear that the halfnut lockout pin was missing and the forks on the rod associated it were not aligned properly.  Could be it was taken apart in an attempt to get it working and failed.  There was not way to fix this without cleaning the gears which mandates a total apron teardown.

I am still confused regarding the clutch. The green paper is making the gray paint look greenish.

My friend Chirpy on Paul's Garage explained to me that the clutch know is left hand threaded and to engage the clutch you back it off pulling the two clutch halves together.  Thanks Chirpy.

Polished the wheel for traversing the carriage along the bed.   Was too tired to do anything that required brains.  Started with 100 grit and worked my way down to 2000.   Could not find any buffing compound.  It may look better with this satin finish.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

MM Model 8 Keyway Cutter

This came with the tooling for the Sidney lathe.  Have not seen one.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Monday, October 30, 2017

Brown and Sharp #6 Turret Lathe (junked)

I mentioned to a friend that I was getting the Sidney Lathe.  He said I could have this lathe to do whatever I wanted with.

If it ever had a carriage it is missing.

Some turret lathes have long handled wheels (think drill press) to move the turret along the bed.  This one seems to have a bar welded to it for that purpose.

The ways on this lathe are much lighter than on the Sidney.

If I keep nothing else it may well be this interesting 4 jaw chuck.  It looks like it is setup to hold square maybe rectangular stock.  Or it might be a set of clamp on jaws.

Whatever it is mounted to the spindle is interesting.  Sort of looks like a large Jacobs style chuck.  Notice the finger grips on the rim.

It has been converted to V belt drive.  Notice the missing gear tooth.

Oilers are missing.

The front bearing seems to be a multi part, maybe cone, tightened by that notched ring ahead of the bearing.

The rear looks to be a standard split bronze bushing. The cover for the headstock is in the chip tray.

I don't have any plans for this lathe but it looks to be a simple lathe and except for the missing tooth maybe simple to fix.

Maybe a crazy idea but perhaps it could live outside under a tarp and use a gas engine.  If it proves to be useful enough it could be moved in side and given more TLC.  Just thinking.

November 11

My BX will not even lift the countershaft stand.  In an attempt to lighten the lathe in general I am removing parts.  Today I removed the collet chuck by separating it from the back plate.  A 3/8" rachet and an allen socket did the trick.  They were not too difficult to remove.

Started removing the spindle so I could free the belts between it and the motor stand.  Managed to loosen the tailstock bearing cap screws by double nutting the strange bolts.   Did not try to loosen the bearing cap.  Thinking one should back off the spanner nut first.  Did not attempt the front where there is brazing in a hole where the bolt should be.  Gorilla snot.

To my great surprise the tailstock including turret came free by loosening the grippers that held it to the bed.  This is a rod that extends through the bed and comes out the other side.

This thing is heavy.  I just managed to drag it from the lathe bed to the truck bed.  Once home I moved it from the truck to the loader bucket and from there to a dolly.  It must weigh quite a bit because the tractor's rear wheels did not have any traction with it in the bucket.   Thinking at least 300 lbs.

This thing is a brute.  I may need the engine crane to handle it.

I moved the parts washer to the machine shop and washed the disassembled chuck with tide and dawn.  Could not find the purple power.  It did not remove all the grease but most of the dirt is gone.

If that ring with the balls in it is a bearing there is a good chance it is ruined.

The cleaner chuck.  The hand wheel now works as it should to tighten the collet.

The entire thing is going to need to be cleaned better.  Maybe with hotter water, better soap or worst case brake cleaner.

Thinking about putting a dish washer in the shop for cleaning parts.  Just need to rig up a pump and heater because the shop has no water.

 Needed a better images of the threader for vintage machinery.

Got old girl home today.