Engine Pages

Needed a more comprehensive list of the engines.  Still need to add the small ones.

8-13HP Single L-Heads

08M80 Tecumseh***Purchasedgood
08190407 0800 01 74051610*Gilson Super 8running
10243431 2520 01 87041414**inspect fogger?
11252707 81092 11*in Murray 11/36running
11285707 0126 02 93060330in Murray 11/38, ?
1128M707 1186 E1 9711197Asid's Snapper ZT,busted con rod+.005
12.5289707 0121 01 9412024DMurray 12.5/40worn bore
1328M707 0128 01 970424ZAAirens RM1332worn bore+.013

*kool bore horizontal
**cast iron horizontal
***Missing carburetor bowl and some other bits, was told it was new

18422707 1264 01 9511085AMurray 18/46seems good
18422707 1510 01 came with Murray 12.5/40
on Murray 14.5/42
worn out bore

402417 0687 01Purchased *Runs well
16402707 0154 01 84092012JD111(1)mostly there+.004

no shroudJD111(2)little more than block
crank and pistons
needs rebore


Note that some opposed twins have the ID on the blower shroud.  Others, newer ones, on the cylinder shroud near a spark plug cutout.

OHV Engines

18.531P777 0348 E1from DYT4000smokes, no carb+.005?
15.531A607 0741 E1 060929ZE from  LT1000(2)busted rod, bent tappet guide+.005?
18.531P777-0237-G5purchased now
on DYT4000
very good+.001
17.531P707from kyle's Craftsmanbroken rod
18.531P777 Jess JD ZT200 hrs worn bore, pressurized.017
14.5287707 0225 01from Murray 14.5/42pitted cylinder runs well,
Traded to Lee P.    Aftermarket carb
20407777 0167 E1 020319V-Twin
in LT1000
spits oil from breather