Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wash and Wear ?

I am learning how to wash engines without petro chemicals and it is not easy.  Makes me wish for a huge ultra sonic cleaner it does!

So far I have used a gel based engine cleaner.  A campbell hasfield cleaning gun.

Next it was a small tub of hot soapy water and a brass brush on a picnick table. Then I took it to the car wash where I was sure there was hot water a few days earlier.  Six quarters latter it was a little cleaner and most of the goo ended up on me.

Now I am working in the kitchen sink with still a bit of hold out grime in the hard to get too spots.

Update: Dec 29th

More cold weather.  I cleanded the block cover/pan in the sink and finished off with qtips.

More ultra sonic cleaning in the house today.   On the left you see the head about to go into the cleaner.

While hand washing the bock in the kitchen sink I tried Cheer laundry detergent.  I had recalled the speed shop telling me they used Tide block washer.   It worked better then the dawn when faced with large amounts of grease and oil.