Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oil Filter Wrench Blues

Yesterday I changed oil on my wifes 1995 Lincoln Town Car for the first time since we purchased it.  It is a very nice car with just 108K on the odometer.   The guy who last changed the oil must have been a gorilla!

The oil drain plug came out with a long enough wrench.  The oil filter was another matter.   I could not find my best oil filter wrench so I tried two of the band clamp variety I had collected over the years.  The larger of the two actually bent.  The other did not bend much but it also did not move the filter.

The band types bent the filter but did not take it off.

My favorite oil filter wrench is this one, no idea on the age. It was easier to position and only took a few minutes to get the over tight filter off. Add brand and patent# here.

That got me thinking maybe I should obtain a spare in case I broke or lost this one. But all I found on the web were Chinese copies like this one.  For some reason I do not think it is as good a tool. 

There are several other types of oil wrenches on the market and some may be quite good.  But with the good one I have there is/was no need to look further.