Saturday, December 28, 2013

Carb Day

Today I cleaned the L68E carb for the spare ANELD and cleaned the pulsa-jet off the 3 HP briggs.  I moved the ultra sonic cleaner into the house so it would be easier to work then in the sub freezing shop.  But of course the ammonia I used in the heated cleaning solution is not a good idea in confined spaces.  If I do this again I will need to skip the ammonia.  The other ingredient in the cleaning solution is dawn dish soap.

The ultra sonic did a nice job on this carb.  The back side is stained but I would rather live with that then remove the plating.  I want to try soda blasting to see if that removes it without damaging the carb finish.

I did not remove the throttle or choke shafts.  The throttle is a little loose and further cleaning would make it works, it may need a new shaft or bushing to be perfect, this is not about perfect.   The choke is way too tight.  I may still have to remove it. All the jets but one came out.  The one that did not was checked with a copper wire.

I still need to cut a bowl and manifold gasket for the AENLD but I already have the patterns I made for the AENLD on the roller, so that should be easy.  The main jet packing died in the ultra sonic clear but I have the graphite string stuff so that should not be a problem.  I have not installed the float that that horrid fiddly spring that goes with it.  Still need to go over everything to see if it is tight.  The throttle to governor rod is in good shape but rusted into the carb.  I am going to leave it that way.  With luck the engine will run fine where it is.  If not I will pull the carb and use the torch to heat up the thing and get it loose.

Again I did not remove the throttle plate.  I also left the two lift tubes in place. My thinking is the ultra sonic does a good job of cleaning these without removal.   The choke is the pull tab on the end near the rubber intake.  It is still far to stiff.  The pulsa-jet needs a carb to tank, and a manifold gasket cut.  I replaced the fuel pump diaphragm with one I just happened to tack onto an ebay order.  I was lucky.

The bad news is that as soon as I added the ammonia the paint mostly came off.  But I was expecting that.