Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Three Little Briggs #1 Teardown.

I evaluated two of the engines cylinders today using snap gauges.  One was still within or very close to factory spec and did not have any junk connected to the output shaft so I tore it down.   Someone had been there ahead of me because there were only 2 bolts holding the engine cover on. The other was 0.003" out of round and might be a good candidate for chrome rings.

To my great surprise this is a ball bearing engine.  I also found the model number on the shroud which came off one of the others.  It is 80232  which confirms that it too is a ball bearing engine.  It was made in March of 1963.   I worked outside today on the tailgate of little truck and the bright sun made all the difference in finding the number.  

The rod cap rods a bit odd.  Need to figure out if this was on purpose.  Update: the good people at informed me this is from the factory.  It was confirmed with a picture from Ebay.
Everything is off the block but for the muffler and the valves.   Not quite sure how to get the bearing off the crank.  It will be hard to align the camshaft with it there.   The carb is still bolted to the gas/fuel tank.

Note to self:  Push rod in the glass jar goes nearest the cover or front of the case.

In better light I can see lines in the cylinder wall and one in the piston.   If everything else is OK I will ignore them.  

At this point I must admit it is the metallic green color that has drawn me to this engine.  

I have the carb in the ultra sonic cleaner.  It has not been disassembled.