Monday, July 27, 2015


A DIY solution for non highway use

1 TSP course ground pepper
2 TSP fine ground pepper
18 oz ethylene glycol antifreeze

It is best to break the tire bead and dump it in.  If you do opt to put it in via the valve stem use a small drill bit to open the clogged stem.

Since I have discovered this I spend a lot less time on flat tires.  So far I have only used it on tubeless tires.  Kind of hard to get it into a tube.

Should make a video of this.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Gilson Super 8

I started parking the Gilson and the LT1000 under the car port to make space in the shop.

Last week the Gilson did not stop when I pushed in the clutch while parking.   The rear end of the LT1000 is slightly dented and the Gilson lost a head light and may have some subtle front end damage.

The clutch rod had fallen off in the back because the hole it pivoted in was severely worn.  We welded a washer into the hole and welded up the worn spot on the rod.The rod is supposed to rid in a rubber grommet but for now at least it will have to do without.

The left end of the red rod.

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Goes into this hole.

The large hole above the indicated hole goes over the shaft the the friction disk rotates on.  This shaft is too far ahead and rubs on the front side of the hole.  This has me thinking the friction disk maybe too worn unless there is an adjustment.

Anyway not that the slop is gone from the clutch I can try doing the 3 step adjustment in the service bulletin.

Earlier I greased the 3 rails/bars that the friction wheel rides on.  After that it kept sliding up to high gear which I fixed by adjusting a screw on the shift lever mechanism.

Murray 12.5/40 Will not Start II - coil woes

Took the starter off and found it was sluggish.  Tore it down and cleaned the brush plate in the ultra sonic.   Cleaned the commutator and put it back together with some grease and the new gear.
Returned the amazon scratch and dent Oregon coil and ordered 2nd one.  It worked great for about 10 minutes of mowing.  Had to tow the tractor back to the shop with smiley.   I was originally thinking the coil had died but in fact I did a poor job of installing it and a coil wire rubbed on the flywheel which cut it.

Ordered a 3rd coil which is a generic brand unit for $15 which is about $10 less than the Oregon units.   It has one or 2 less core laminations (plates) but seems to work  fine.  Will know more when I use it a while but I expect it is AOK.

The new coil install went well.  Buttoned it up and took it for a spin and the throttle cable broke off at the lever.   I think I can shorten it and make a new Z bend.   Pulled the wire out and it is clean with no rust.  Going to shoot some graphite into the sheath then insert the wire.

Throttle repair finished with good results.   Resistance of secondary on latest coil is over 5K which is the highest of the ones I have tested so far.

Echo CSV-5

Borrowed an echo CSV-5 to chip some wood. Sharpened the blades.  Peppered all 4 tires.