Monday, July 13, 2015

Gilson Super 8

I started parking the Gilson and the LT1000 under the car port to make space in the shop.

Last week the Gilson did not stop when I pushed in the clutch while parking.   The rear end of the LT1000 is slightly dented and the Gilson lost a head light and may have some subtle front end damage.

The clutch rod had fallen off in the back because the hole it pivoted in was severely worn.  We welded a washer into the hole and welded up the worn spot on the rod.The rod is supposed to rid in a rubber grommet but for now at least it will have to do without.

The left end of the red rod.

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Goes into this hole.

The large hole above the indicated hole goes over the shaft the the friction disk rotates on.  This shaft is too far ahead and rubs on the front side of the hole.  This has me thinking the friction disk maybe too worn unless there is an adjustment.

Anyway not that the slop is gone from the clutch I can try doing the 3 step adjustment in the service bulletin.

Earlier I greased the 3 rails/bars that the friction wheel rides on.  After that it kept sliding up to high gear which I fixed by adjusting a screw on the shift lever mechanism.