Sunday, January 18, 2015

An outing to the car wash

First I loaded both tractors.  The fan shroud came off the MTD and the seat pan of the 682.

Prior to leaving I adjusted the brakes on the 682 to make the parking brake work.  The MTD I just put in reverse.

The trip to the carwash was uneventful. No pictures. But I was happy to see that only one of the hydro valves is leaking if at all.

After I got back I put the 682 back together and drove it off the trailer.

This is the number off the MTDs 11HP briggs.

The once over at the carwash got all but the thick deposits.

This engine was traded away and resulted in getting the JD112.

The throttle cable is busted and there seemed to be little or no oil in the engine. But the oil in the 1 gallon container was still and maybe the stuff in the engine would not run out but it was at least very low.