Saturday, January 31, 2015

My friend Tod has DOWNS syndrome.  A mutual friend gave Tod this LT1000 because Tod likea to drive my BX2200 and we figured he would enjoy driving this.  The tractor lives at my house.

The fellow who gifted Tod with the tractor said he bought it to mow but it was a smoker.  So he could not use it.

Up to this point we have changed the oil but not the filter.  The 'B&S' filter I purchased would not thread on.  Need to do another change with filter.  I pulled the steering wheel in an attempt to remove some wobble.  We also pulled the front wheels and greased them.

I noticed that the smoke was intermittent so figured it would not be rings.  Also the smoke is not blue enough to be oil related.  My first guess was that it was an exhaust valve sticking.  Now I am thinking it could be a stuck float valve in the carb.