Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Briggs 31P777-0237-G5 #1 and #2

I scored a 2nd Briggs 31P777.  This engine is from the original owner and friend Jess, He said it was spewing oil out so much it covered the trailer he was pulling.  It has 200 hours on it.

I neglected to take a picture prior to pulling the cylinder head. This is a picture of the plastic shroud.

Need to measure the bore to be sure but the hope is that it is good and that the problem is something like a clogged breather.

My hope is that I am seeing hash marks in this picture? (this turned out to be big time wishful thinking)

The head is oily but not much in the way of deposits.

There is a plan A and a plan B here.  Unless the sale of parts from the first engine is very successful I plan to see if I can get this one running.  On the other hand if the first sells well they both go.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My initial plan for this engine is to see if I can get it running and maybe stop the oil blowout.  To that end I rearranged the shop so I have a space near the front to work on small engines.  
Sunday, January25, 2015
Will need the following to reassemble.  Maybe

Briggs P/N 19356 (#18)
Oil Seal Protector Kit-Includes Sleeves Shown
Your Price: $13.55

Monday, February 2, 2015

I have the crank out of the block on 31P777 #1.  The the counter weighs are still on and will stay there till I wash parts for reassembly.  Other then that the only parts still together is the head.

Looking for Intek tips on MowBetter mower racing forum.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jess called and said he needed a carb.  So I made one.  Turned out he did not have the fuel shutoff plugged in.  Later he was having governor trouble so I gave him the governor control plate off of #2 which was his engine.

Made 2 carbs into one today.  One had a stuck electric fuel shutoff, another had a too big 0 ring sealing the fuel inlet between the metal body and the plastic bit the float attaches to. Swelled or wrong part?  I came up short a main jet,  Not sure the jet was ever there.

The brass bit in the center is the main jet
 and it will fall out.

Everything cleaned up nice including the gaskets.  It seem the ultrasonic cleaning is a good way to salvage them if possible.

I also brought the major engine parts in to be washed.  Too cold to do it in the shop.  At this point I have washed the block so I can hone to break the glaze.  I got most of the filings left behind by the dremel when I ground off the one cap bolt.  It is going to be washed many more times after honing.   

Friday, March 6, 2015

The block took a lot of washing.  Switching to wiping with AFT did the trick.  Going to give it a final wash with brake cleaner prior to assembly.

New rod cap bolts are on the way.