Saturday, January 31, 2015

John Deere 112 Intro

This will remain a draft till the tractor is in my shop.

I made a deal today for what I remember to be a nice JD 112.  It has been indoors and not running for the past X years.  Local small engine guy purchased it from a lady so he would not have to fix it.  He said she got it from a guy in guymon who repainted it.

He said it has the Kohler 12hp.  So it should look about like this.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Today I paid for the tractor.  The owner said we will dig it out on Saturday.  The wife tagged along and I had salsa in my beard.  Humiliating... but I am used to it.

There is a chance it may have an electric lift.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I hoses it off at the car wash on the way home.  My wife named it "old one eye" while it was still on the trailer.

Story is that a lady purchased it from a guy who fixed it up. The coating he put in the gas tank came off and kept messing up the fuel system. Her repair guy purchased it from her so he would not have to deal with it. It has been living in his shop for a number of years. I got it from him.

The plan is to put it back close to original but not a show tractor. It is going to get used. Maybe keep the headlight if I can find a matched that is not too dear. Are they a dealer installed option? The tail lights have been replaced with trailer marker lights.

It is cold wet and miserable today so I have yet to see if the engine will turn over or if the electric lift works. Would it be a good idea to tear down the lift and the starter prior to trying them given that it may have been sitting for 10 years or more?

It is 1/12000 112's made in 1973