Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Murray 12.5//40


Finally found a LT with a briggs opposed twin!   Heard about it at coffee this AM and purchased it when the fellow came home from work.   Just got home with it so I have little idea what condition it is in.  The machine came from another scrapper (not Johnny) at the very reasonable price of $20.

Here is what I do know.  Engine turns and has some compression.  Transaxle shifts in and out of gear.  All the tires are up and the rear 2 have tubes.  One of the original back tires is toast but it came with 5th tire that does hold air.  Throttle cable seems OK but the choke is a patch job that will have to be replaced with OE.  Seat look good.  Missing headlight lense.

Tractor Data Tag


40 inch deck
type 702
made for 92F

Engine Data Tag
42 ci
Series 2
7 - Vertical
0 - Plain bearing non flage mount
7 - 12V Electric Starter

Made in 91

422707 1510 01

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dit the initial assessment.   A car battery hooked to the existing dead battery will not start the engine. Cranks too slow.  But jumping directly to the starter will.  Need to see if unhooking the dead battery will allow it to start with the jumper to the battery cables.

Engine starts and runs nicely on carb cleaner.  The plugs look good.   Compression seems good.

Split the carb and cleaned a bit of gunk out but did not go through it.   Cleaned the gas tank and replaced the line and filter.

Found out the hood mounting brackets are missing.  The muffler on the tractor does not exit where there is a cutout in the hood.  Hmmm

Friday, April 24, 2015

The tractor originally came with a 12.5HP single cylinder.   Made a trip to the roll off and one to the car wash today.   The battery will start it sometimes and not others.

Monday, April 27

Flushed the engine with karosene twice and refilled with rotella t.   But even though I was careful to drain the karosene the engine now rattles and I plan to change it again.