Friday, April 29, 2016

Tractor Snatcher

Added a one way, load only,  winch to this old trailer.  Lowered the hitch to level the best as much as possible.

The winch mounts to 3 1/2" carriage bolts with the heads ground down.   The bolts are mounted to a 3" thick wood block that mounts to the trailer hitch with the center bolt and an additional bolt on the other end.

Winch works well but I need to build a fold up tail gate/ramp.  It works fine  if I use the metal ramps from the car trailer.

Works fine off a car battery.  Loaded one tractor using the battery from the tow lawn tractor.  Still had enough charge to restart the tractor.

This trailer could be a foot long for tractors with a font bumper but even they fit with the rear wheel about 1/2 on the trailer bed.  A ramp might fix that too.

Need to get a picture or better still a video of a tractor being loaded.