Monday, February 6, 2017

Another carb day.

Cleaned the carb on the Murray 14.5 yesterday.(Murray 14.5/12.5 Hybrid) Was some rust in the bowl and on the bottom of the jet tower.   It ran fine with some 'heat' gas treatment in the tank.  On plain gas it surges or hunts quit bad.   A bit of choke fixes it but that just tells me the carb still has problems.  Put some seafoam in it today but I don't think it helped.


Started on a carb from a craftsman lawn tractor with a 14.5HP OHV.  This is much the same setup as the 14.5 above but uses the newer plastic intake.   It was water damaged but I will try to get it working.   Bowl gasket is shot.  Going to order a new bowl too.  


I was a bit more aggressive in cleaning this one.  Used carb cleaner on the passages.   Going to test it on the 14.5HP Murray because I have to pull that carb back off anyway.

Replaced the elbow and bowl gasket but the needle valve leaks.  

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Murray 14.5/12.5 Hybrid is still surging.  Hit it with carb cleaner again and tried running premium gas with heet and sea foam.   Worked better but not acceptable.

So I installed the XA Nikki clone.  It runs but for reasons I don't understand it does not respond much to the throttle.   Tightened the governor spring a bit to get more high end.  So it has medium to high but no idle.  That may be good enough.

Still need to button up the air cleaner.