Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Go-Putz has been started

The engine has been removed and torn down.  I have not removed the valves  which seem to be well seated.

The exhaust valve seemed a bit loose.

Found a plug gauge for briggs 5/16 valve guides on ebay for under  $10 with shipping.  It is NOS and a bit rusty in spots but should work.  Will use it to see if the exhaust valve guide on go-putz's briggs 13hp needs replacing.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The plug gauge does not go in to the valve guide so it should be OK.
The plug gauge seemed large and I wondered if was the correct one but it is only .012 larger then the 5/16" specified for the valve stem diameter.

I measured the cylinder with snap gauges.  It seems every time I use these thing I need to relearn their proper use.  This motor looks to be well cared for. The insides are about the cleanest I have seen in an old briggs.    The cylinder out of round 0.0035 and taper 0.003 are not horrid but the larger dimension of the cylinder is too large for standard rings and both are too small for 10 over.

The cylinder needs to be honed to 10 over.   Looking at getting the Lisle LI15000 Engine Cylinder Hone.

Maybe a bit pricy for building a single engine  but  short of a cylinder boring machine it seems to be the only way to true up a cylinder.