Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lisle Cylinder Hone and Related tools.

Measuring GoPutz 's cylinder indicated that it needed to be sized up to .010 over. It took a long time to make the six measurements needed.  So I bought a Fowler Cylinder bore gage in addition to the Lisle boring hone. I also purchased #240   and #500  grit stone sets.   While I was at it I bought a better digital micrometer.

A boring hone should not be confused with a flex hone. The boring hone has the stones mounted solid to a rack and pinion arrangement that allows the hone to be precisely sized and expanded.

After reading the honing instructions I found out that I really needed a long reach micrometer to ensure the stones remain flat. 

My first idea was to hone the block in a tub of kerosene resting inside the parts washer.   Once I got it setup I found that there is a lot I did not like about it.

My plan B is to mount the hone in the drill press. This way I can set the speed using the belts and limit the stroke using the dept stop.  It does make recycling the kerosene harder  but that is a minor compared to what is gained.

To be continued....