Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Measuring the Cylinder

It is too cold so I brought the go-putz engine 28M707 and the 31P777 into the house.  Now that they have warmed up I am going to take another shot at measuring the cylinders.  In this post I will only be dealing with the 28M707.

Nominal bore is 3.440.  Used gauge block to verify and lock digital caliper at 3.440.  Setup bore dial indicator to zero at the caliper setting.  A real pain.  Then verified the virgin cylinder wall below the piston travel.   It may be faster to set the dial indicator on the virgin wall.  Not sure.

Checking the bottom of the bore verified the setting of zero as 3.44.  The wear along the axis of the crank travel is .012 over so we will need to bore this one to .020 over.

The bore below the piston is consistent as expected and will allow the hone to follow the center of the original bore.