Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Measuring the Cylinder and parts value

I set the bore gauge to the cylinder reject size of 3.567 in.  The cylinder was unbelievable consistently 1.5 thou more than this.

As much as I would like to keep this engine I have no need for it and a plastic shroud, muffler, and dip stick will be way more then the $10 I have into it now.   The logical thing to do is to ebay the parts.

The question now is do I just part it out or have some fun making it run first.  Expectations is that parts are worth about the same either way.  It will be interesting to measure the difference between the virgin cylinder bore and the worn area.

There prices based on what similar parts sold for on ebay

  • 035 carb  $4.95 Economy Shipping
  • 025-$69.99 crank list for more $10.00 Standard Shipping
  • 012 stator
  • <20 head
  • 090 block $18.00 Economy Shipping
  • 025 piston and rod $5.95 Expedited Shipping
  • 075 flywheel  #698282 mod $12.95 Expedited Shipping
  • g50 oil pan $12.65 Expedited Shipping
  • 007 Push rods
  • 025 cam shaft and gov
  • 005 oil filler tube
  • 025 pulley $11 shipping
  • 010 head bolts $6 shipping
  • 010 other bolts $6 shipping
  • 020 carb linkage $6 shipping

They total to $348.

There may be parts I did not think of and ones that are in bad shape and cannot be sold.