Saturday, June 6, 2015

Murray 12.5/40 Steering

A few days ago I bent a mower blade and while I had it in the shop I worked on the steering.  The wheel bushings and axles are worn but I wanted to see what I could do without new parts.

I started by greasing the steering sector and plate.

Started on the left side. A cotter pin removed the wheel and another for the tie rod,  I added a washer on the bottom side of the axle, the part which could be called a king pin.  The idea here is to reduce friction.  Added a bit of grease.

The tie rod end had a single washer on the bottom.  I added one to the top to reduce play and possibly friction.  Grease here too.

A washer was added to the inside of of each wheel to reduce friction and play.  Again grease.  Sorry no pic.

The axle/kingpin on the left side would not easily come off so I left it as is.  But I did add two washers to the tie rod as it had none.

The good news is that the steering requires a lot less effort and is somewhat tighter.  The play is in the sector so maybe that can be adjusted.

I was tempted to toss the bent blade but this is the only set I have that fits a 40" murray deck.  A few minutes in the press put it back to useable and both got a new edge.

Funny in that this tractor has about the worst deck I own in that it does not have a single anti scallop wheel.  Yet it does the bulk of my mowing.  When I get a mower with a better deck going I may remove the deck and keep it for a yard tug.