Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Murray 12.5/40 Will not Start

The day after I fixed the steering I started 'dave' and it just putter and died.   Check for fuel.  Checked for spark and it was there.   Eventually tested the coil with an ohm meter and got an open on both coils.

That made me suspicious so I tried a 2nd meter with the same results.  Tested a the coil on the LT1000 and got about 5K which is good.

So I ordered a new coil which should arrive tomorrow.

The tractor came with 3 silver and one white wheel.  The 4th silver was there but had a crunch tired.   Yesterday I managed to install a tube and today I mounted it on the tractor after using a bit of anti-seize on the axle.

I also managed to get the beat up plug out of the carb.  The jet under it did not come out.   Took the top off and blew it out again.  One of these days need to take it off and ultrasonic clean it to see if I can get it to stop surging.


New magnatron ignition came today  But it too read infinity.  Called oregon and they will 'call me back'.

Bought new spark plugs.  No help.

Pulled the old one and removed the kill wire just in case it was shorted some place.  Tried to start it and the starter gear stripped.   Started to remove the starter and found you have to pull the flywheel.  Flywheel nut is larger than 1 1/8 need to check south shop for sockets.  Thinking it maybe better to put a 12.5 back together.  Not sure.

If I can get the flywheel off I need to check to see if I have a gear that matches that can be used.  Punch time!

I guess this is my punishment for liking this tractor.