Friday, September 18, 2015

Hi-Run WD1138 ReplacementTire, 20X10.00-8 4PR have arrived

Ordered 3 of these tires from TSC.  Two for the DYT4000 and 1 to mate with the one from DYT that still holds air.  This mis matched pair may be used on the Murray 46/18 if it comes to life.

I was thinking they would have been a bit stiffer but they are as flabby as most 2 ply.  Having trouble getting them to inflate once mounted.

Cut sticks to hold the sidewalls out.  After resting this way for 2 days the can be mounted.  Tried twice at one day and it did not work.

Unfortunately they are smaller than the Carsile with the same size numbers.  But still good tires at under $50 and they do say they are 4 ply.
This is a comparison between the 20x10x8 Carsile Turf Master and the tires on the rear of the Murray 14.5/42.
14.5/42 with one new tire.  The other wheel got the 20x10x8 that came with the DYT4000.  A little mismatched but not bad.

But his rear end is now making noise.  I don't recall if it started with the tire change.  Should put the small ones back on to see some time.

The DYT4000 got 2 of these new   tires.