Sunday, September 20, 2015

Murray 18/46

The tractor would not start because of a non working starter.  The guys on M.O.W informed me that it would come off without pulling the flywheel.  It did.

The starter was in very good shape just dry and dirty. Starter gear looks good.

Fired the engine with carb cleaner and it sounded good.  Much better than the 18HP on the 14.5/42. Maybe it just has a better muffler?

Tomorrow I will take a look at the fuel system.  Maybe get it running.  Hope it does not need a motion belt too but I think that is the case.  Thinking about that I should take a look so I can get it ordered if need be.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Could not sleep so played from 4 to 6AM.   Could not find the electric impact so I pushed the tractor to the other shop and used air impact to tighten the flywheel nut.  Later I found the electric impact in the tool cabinet.  I don't normally store it there so..

Moved on to the carb.  This carb does not look like it is 18 years old.  Pulled the top which you can do with the base still on the tractor.  Some crud in the bow.  Needle valve seems gummy.  Cleaned the bowl with carb cleaner.

Given that it had carb problem I think I will take it all the way off and run it through the ultrasonic cleaner.

Pulled the fuel pump.  One of the little springs is missing.  Time for a pump rebuild kit.

Sept 30

Adding the missing springs did not help either tractor.   So time to do a good carb clean.