Monday, September 7, 2015

Murray Madness and Deck Repair

Found a hornet/wasp nest behind the 18/46's gas tank yesterday.  We killed them with spray and today I took both the 14.5 and 18/46 to the car wash.  The looked much better when wet.  Maybe a wax job some time down the road.

The 14.5 goes to the shop shown above to have its engine removed.   The 18/46 goes to the other shop with the air compressor to continue trying to remove the flywheel.   The starter has failed and need to be removed and fixed.  One bolt is under the flywheel.

The axle bushing is shot on the 12.5/40 so I am going to move the 18HP twin from it to the 14.5/42.   I have the decks off both because I had intended to use the 42 inch deck on the 12.5/40.  In time I plan to fix the axle bushing and repower the 12.5/40 with a single cylinder engine so it can be used with its hood.

The 42 inch deck needed some welding.  Other than the damage to the edge the deck is in overall good condition including the spindles.

There was a break at the discharge chute .  A bit of hammer and dolly work put the metal back where it belonged so I could weld it.

I used the HF 90 Amp flux core for this.  Worked well considering I do not know how to weld.

Rode hard and put away wet.

I used rebar to reestablish the edge of the deck,  To weld this I used the HF welder and should have used the stick welder.

 Need to take more pictures.