Saturday, September 5, 2015

Murray 18/46

Pulled it over to the shop to see if I could get the back tires to hold air.   On one the cords are loose inside the tire so it is shot.   The other has cracks from sitting flat.  I got it to air up and applied pepper but doubt it will ever be a usable tire.  It only holds air for a few minutes.

I installed one of the original DYT4000 20 wheels and a peppered 18" tire that leaks down in a day or two.

Air cleaner bolt just turned so I ground the head off.   Starter only turned a small bit and hung up on the flywheel refusing to turn further.  Took the shroud off.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The flywheel is stuck.  Ruined my steering wheel puller trying to get it off.  Thinking of finding a 4 bolt version to keep it from tipping over.   Or maybe making one.

Moved this tractor to the truck to make room in the shop to work on the pickup.