Thursday, December 10, 2015

Briggs 28M707 0128 01 970424ZA, Go-putz

Now that the engines for the DYT4000 and the Murray 14.5 Hybrid are finished it is time to get back to this engine disassembled  in May.  Now that the 12.5/40 is a parts tractor it is clear this engine should go to go-putz.  This is a 11hp engine but with the crank, cam, and carb from go-putz it will be 13HP.  I will keep go-putz's pull start and engine ID.  So maybe this thread should use go-putz's engines ID.

Go-putz's engine was torn down December 2014 and has a worn out cylinder bore.

To rebuild it I will use the block and piston from engine 28M707 1186-E1 9711197A which came from Sid's Snapper ZT with a busted rod.  The bore has .oo4" wear so it can be used as is.

I have the gasket set for this engine which includes the head gasket.

The con rod is broken.   I hesitate to use a used one because the good ones are in engines with worn out bores so maybe a lot of hours.  Should look at the big rod end for wear.   Part  # 494504S tractor list on amazon about $50.   Rod bolt lock is not amazon prime.  Old one?  Need to make up my mind on both of these issues.  With only $50 at stake I would like to get the rod.

No plans to do this soon but it needed to be sorted.