Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Murray 14.5/12.5 Hybrid

After replacing the bad starter on the 14.5/40s opposed twin I added a bit of gas and the carb started to overflow.  This was enough for me to give this a try.

When the original 14.5 engine  (note when not if) is finished it will go back on the 14.5/42 which lacks a hood.

The 12.5/40 has rear end problems.

So the plan is to move the hood and dash tower from the 12.5/40 to the 14.5/42.

Image on left is the 14.5 as it arrived.

The first step was to harvest the parts from the 12.5/40.  

Then remove the dash tower from the 14.5/42, not much different than the sequence above.

The replacement dash tower is attached.

Install the gas tank from the 12.5.  The two tractors use different gas tanks.  The one that came with the 14.5 is broken so this merge allows me to use the good tank from the 12.5.

Install the dash and steering wheel.
So far everything has fit without modification.  Next step is to pull the opposed twin and see if the hood fits. I expect it will....

Could not resist. Took some aspirin and headed back out to the shop.  Pulled the opposed twin and installed the hood.  Looks good but need a headlight lense and wiring harness for the lights.

And the results.

Now to finish and install the engine. Buy a headlight lense and maybe down the road a bit some paint and decals.