Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Murray 14.5/12.5 Hybrid

The engine is done and I need to finish bolting it down.  Should be running/driving tomorrow.

Two known problems.

The rear tires are 2 different heights even though they are the same size.   One is a new highrun the other is an old Carsile.

The last time I drove this tractor the rear end squeaked a bit.  I have axle bearing purchased for the Murray 12.5/40.  Maybe the can be used here.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Finished bolting down the engine but one of the legs has a stripped hole.  Need to put a longer bolt and nut in it.  Engine starts well but the battery I used is weak.  Charges at 15V.

Two of the blades are missing from the hydro fan.  Lots of parts number for it but so far have not found where I can get any of them.

Dana 5413 (original number) and 5603
Murray 402082 and 402081

It sounds like one of the clutch idler pulleys is bad.  I already replaced one with a pulley from the 12.5/40.  With luck it is not the same one and I can use the other pulley off the 12.5.

The engine does not turn off with the key.   Found this schematic which could be the correct one although it only goes to 40" and this is a 42".

Changed the oil again.  Used some decades old Chevron that was found in the body shop next door.  It was in a paper can and was starting to get soft.  Even found my punch in pour spout!  Oil is a little funky and I hope it is good enough for the next few changes on this tractor.  Sooner or later the oil should stay clean as expected.

Friday, December 11, 2015