Sunday, November 29, 2015


Started to take the rear end of the 12.5/40 and twisted off a bolt in the transmission with the electric impact.  Put PB Blaster on the other bolts and left it.

Checked the cylinder bores on the JD111's opposed twins.  One good one needs a rebore.  I sort of expected the cylinders bore to be the same from the factory.  But both engines have cylinders differing by a thou or two.

Took the starter off the horizontal briggs opposed twin yesterday.  Collected several starters that look like candidates for fixing.  Dry bearing and stripped gears mostly.  No idea about the condition of the brushes.  Found starter drive kits for $7 and $10 at tewarehouse.  Even have a pin punch to drive out the pins.

14.5/40's opposed twin needs a starter, the one on it only works when cold. Maybe I have a spare armature.  This has a new gear.  Maybe move it from the truck to the shop where it is a little warmer.

The horizontal opposed twin needs a starter.  The gear on it is stripped.

Have a starter for a briggs single.   It needs cleaning and greasing.

Too cold even in the shop to do much.

Found bat4kids again on ebay.  But on the tablet funny nor on PC.

Finished cleaning this one but forgot the starter drive.

Continued cleaning starters on Monday the 30th and replaced the sick starter on the Murray 14.5/42.  Cranked good but the engine did not start.  Was cold and could have been out of gas.