Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The JD111 and Craftsman LT1000(2) arrive.

The JD111 is about what I expected.

C111K 159438M

111 1981 (155001-190000)

So it was made in 1981

Wonder if the rear mounted gas tank is the original.

The center and right box contain the blocks for 2 opposed twins.  One  vertical and one horizontal.  The box with the new crank is in front.  The real surprise is the box on the left.  It contains most of a new 8HP Tecumseh engine.  HM80

Found these images relating to the gas tank and the correct location.

The LT1000 was another pleasant surprise.   Not only does it look good but the engine turns.  Maybe a loose bolt or something it that came loose when it was trailer over to my house.   Not sure how much is missing from the deck yet.

31A607 0741 E1 060929ZE
Non pressurized and built in 2006.