Saturday, November 28, 2015

287707 0225 01 Carb

I was expecting to open this carb up and toss in into the dead carb box.  But it may be salvageable.  It is a walbro.  Less gaskets to buy!

 The float pin came out easy enough but the needle valve is stuck and I can not get the float off without breaking it.  One round it the ultrasonic did not free it.  I would have expected it to if it were only head in by gum.  If it is expanded rust it maybe hopeless.  There is a walbro from the 31's.  If it is in good shape I may just move the jet from this carb to it.  That is providing the get will come out.  As you can see in the image I need to go outside and get a screwdriver with a larger blade that has been modified for jets.  Hope I have one. The bolts holding the carb on to the intake tale an 8mm wrench.

After some more time in the ultrasonic I managed to get the float off the needle and then used a screwdriver to pry the needle up.  The gunk holding the needle in was not rust.

It maybe useable but iffy for long term use.

Hit the bowl with carb cleaner and the ultrasonic.  It too has corrosion.  If the carb works I will replace it and maybe the needle.

The main jet / emulsion tube cleaned up nicely.

Although the exterior of the idle adjusting needle is ugly the actual tip is nice.

The bottom of the carb and the needle valve seat.

Time to put it back together.  The fuel shutoff is still very stiff.  For now push it down.  

Like the dents in the float bowl.

OK to test this I need a new fuel inlet elbow.  Gave my sparer to Jess.  Wonder if one can connect a hose to what is there.  No sense wasting the elbow if it is junk.

The bowl could use a new gasket.  It is an o-ring.  Need to check stock on that.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ordered parts from tewarehouse.  They were cheaper than even amazon prime add-on with $4 shipping and OK tax.  Would be a bummer it the carb did not work.

3 starter gears
oil seal for dipstick tube
carb bowl with gasket and bolt to replace solenoid  
breather tube