Saturday, November 14, 2015

287707 0225 01

287707 0225 01   9510274A
Edited the contrast and brightness to make it more readable.

I have been sitting on this engine since September 3rd of this year.  It seem longer than that because I have aquired 3 tractors since then.  Today I took the time to pull the head and check out the cylinder bore.  No exact measurement but it seems to be within 2 or 3 thou which is surprising.   The oil looked nasty and I was thinking it was full of dirt because this tractor came without an air cleaner. It did have a new sparkplug and maybe a new head gasket.

Some images of the disassembly.  Although this engine looks good so far it could really go either way.  There is some corrosion or carbon on the top side of the cylinder bore.  No idea what that is about.

After taking off the head I cleaned up the cylinder as best I could.  It is pitted but maybe not enough to matter.

I put the head back on but have not torqued it.  Need to figure out which pushrod goes where.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Torque procedure is the same as for the 28ci.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Installed and torqued the head.  Set the valves after pulling the head back off to make a timing mark on the flywheel. Installed the starter from the LT1000(2).  Did a compression test and got 75psi.   I have gotten higher on other engines of this type but I think that on this one I have the intake valve set to where the compression release works.  

Next I am going to flush it with kerosene not sure how many times that will take.  I don't feel comfortable starting it on the dirty bench.  May have to bolt it to a tractor for testing;

Should make a vertical engine test stand.

Saturday, November 21

Drained the oil and refilled it with kerosene.  Added a bit of acetone to the kerosene.  Turned it by hand because I did not want to ignite the mix.

After a few turns it started making noise.  Not sure if it was every revolution or every other.  If it is every I may open it up.  See what it does with oil.

The plan is to change the oil on the DYT4000.  It's engine has maybe an hour on it since it was reassembled.  But the oil is dark because I pulled the new oil filter and replaced it with the one off the old engine because I feared that vaseline in the pump whent into the filter and stayed.  Anyway this oil should be good enough to fire this engine.

Sunday, November 22

Drained the kerosene.  Not sure how much good it did.  Refilled the crankcase with used oil fresh from the DYT4000 .

Hooked a battery to the starter and shot a bit of carb cleaner into the intake port, neither the carb or muffler are installed.  It fired up.   This is always a tricky thing to do on an uninstalled motor.  It tried to spin but the most exciting bit was the flame shooting out the intake.  The compression release at work?  Really need to make that motor test stand with a few 10s of pounds of concrete to anchor it.

Anyway I think the interior of this motor is far to dirty to put back into service.  I will at least open the sump and then expect and clean it. Next task.

This could end up being a useable engine with lots of life left in it.  Given that it was out in the weather with no air cleaner I expect the carb is toast.

Drained the oil and pulled the sump cover.  The last person in here did not use a gasket.  Just an uneffective bead of sealer.  This may explain why the exterior of the engine is so filty.

Looks like crud is confined to the bottom of the sump.  So unless something else rears its ugly head I will do a cleanup and put it back together.

Left it to drain overnight.  I should go back and put a garbage bag over it.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Designed and cut the pan gasket.  Forgot how to use the software tools so it took a while.  Started with a picture of the pan.   For the roll paper 1 cut is enough.  For the gasket material 4 cuts.  Wonder if this gasket will fit the 31's?

It is too cold to install the gasket in the unheated shop.  Bring the engine in?  Not my idea of fun.  But only the forecast says cold for the next week.  Not much choice if I want to do this.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Reassembled the engine early this AM.  Came up one bolt short for the pan, 9 instead of 10.  Then one of the bolts stripped because there was not enough thread engaged.  That sounds related.  Anyway I can shorten a head bolt slightly and use it in the stripped hole.

Next up will be the carb.