Friday, February 13, 2015

Murray 11/36

Tried to swap the transaxles but the distance between the mounting holes is different.  The correct transaxle has bad tires.

The input pulley is rotted away and will have to be exchanged,  The better one could stand a bit of electrolysis.

It is amazing how much simpler this tractor is compared to the Gilson Super 8.

The carb is off but it is junk.  Notice the rust on the end of the large welch plug in the center of this image.

The larger air cleaner bolt twisted off.  The bowl nut will not turn.  Same story as on the carb from the snapper riding mower I junked out a year ago.

A member of myTractorForum said Ford Toreador Red is a close match for the original color.

I am slipping.  The first  thing I have always done is to get the number off the engine.   I don't see where I did that for this tractor.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Model 252707
25 ci
series 2
7 vertical crankshaft
0 plain bearing non flange
7 electric starter with alternator

8109211 = Sept  9th, 1981

The tractor data plate is hard to read.

Maybe 7 357 8X92 3016

Asked on MOT and got this reply

In 1987 there was 36506, 36508, 36557 and a 36560. Although I agree that the second number looks like a 5, I believe it is actually a 6. My guess is a 36508