Tuesday, October 13, 2015

31P777-0237-G5 Engine Build and Install

Resumed work on this head because I need the tractor to collect leaves and the high lift blades newly installed on the mower deck, along with the new spindle, use more power than the standard blades.  This is just to hard on the existing worn out engine.

Polished the non seating valve surfaces a bit.   Lapped the valves and added the springs and rockers.  Used gas to do a leak test.  The images below are about 2 hours apart.

The flywheel is on but there is not alternator coil under it.  I plan to finish that and add the ignition coil prior to bolting on the head.  Thinking about leaving the head until after the engine is bolted to the tractor.  Need to find the safe place I put them.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Installed the alternator and ignition.  But not the kill wire.   I could not find these parts so I took them off another 31P777.

While I was there I filed a timing mark on the flywheel with the piston at 1/4 inch past TDC.  See "Valve Timing Mark for Intek 31"

Thursday, October 29, 2015
Seems I installed the flywheel too early again.  Forgot the breather and a bit of tine.  Took the breather of another engine. 8mm bolts. Need to remember that.  Still need to clean and install the breather.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Cool overcast and rain.  Rather blah and drab here.  I spent some time finding halogen work lights.  Fixed one and need a bulb for a 2nd.  The other was working.

One of these lights is a monster and with it on top of a cabinet my work area for the motor is not bad.

But no progress on the motor.

I forget which 33P it is but it is a non pressure unit that came off a friends snapper ZT.  The rod is busted but it has acceptable cylinder wear and may well be my my next rebuild.  I also have a L-head in the same condition so it will be one or the other.  Hopefully it will go faster.

The kid in me wants to work on the horizontal twin I picked up the other day.  But I currently have no use for it and other projects need attention.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Removed the flywheel.  From now on I am going to leave that for last.  It is needed for setting valves but does not have to be torqued down.

 I have cleaned up and installed the breather.  Lots of images on that.

To clean parts like the breather cover and the valve cover first scrape off the majority with a razor blade then use a stainless steel kitchen scrubbie to get the rest off.

New head torque, 250 inch lbs
New pattern

Found 2 styles of head bolt. One has a smaller head and is a bit longer.  I used the shorter ones with the 1/2" heads.

The plan is to set the valves.  Then transfer the carb, fuel pump, starter and shroud from the DYT4000's current engine to this one.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Set the valves yesterday.  Today I unbolted the old motor and started transferring the bits from it to the replacement engine.  Found out the old breather hose was disconnected.

Currently a little confused about the plate over the governor with the throttle and choke connections.  The choke loop is missing from the new engine's plate.  Maybe it used a choke cable.   The choke never did work on this tractor so I have to figure this out.

These images are to help me put it back the way it was.

Cracked motor mount
Throttle and Choke Linkage

Wire for fuel shutoff

Ground wire

Magneto kill wire

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The loop on the throttle control plate was there.  Carb is connected with working choke.

Three of four engine mounting holes were threaded.  Fixed that.  One of the mounting holes on the old engine was cracked.  It had a bolt in it with threads that did not go all the way to the head.  The non threaded portion was pulled into the hole and cracked it.

Pulley did not want to go over the output shaft.  Neither would the one that came on this engine.  Filed it down a bit.  The key is a bit on the tight side using bolt to pull the pulley on.  Getting it off again will not be fun.

Off for lunch while the battery on the impact charges.  The store with the bolts closes over lunch so I am taking lunch off too :)

Friday, November 6, 2015

Tractor is up and running.   Runs good.   Picked up a few leaves with it today and that worked well too.  Did not plug  chute.