Monday, October 26, 2015

Acquisitions Pressure washer, briggs horizontal twin, JD111, LT1000

Visited a friend today to pickup a pressure washer and this horizontal briggs engine.

While I was there he agreed to sell my the 2 tractor.  Both are basket cases so they were inexpensive.

I offered to buy this JD111.   A previous owner had a mechanic replace the 11HP with a 16HP twin.  As I understand it that worked till it ran low on oil.  The tractor comes with a new crank and rods but not pistons.  The hood was butchered to get the 16HP engine in.  Not sure what to do with this.  No deck.

Just for kicks and giggles I may install the 16HP now on the 14.5 Murray.  Use if for a yard tug.
He tossed in thes LT1000 without me asking.   It has a seized intek of some variety.  If the bore is not worn out a new rod might do the trick.   Some parts were robbed off the deck.

The tractors are blocked in by other equipment so it may be a while before I can pick them up.