Thursday, October 22, 2015

Murray 11/38 38618X92A

Another Murray arrived today.  I have been waiting for this one.

Model 38618X92A,  38 inch deck model 618 and I think  92A indicates it is from walmart.  DOM 1603 ... June 9th 1993
Engine 285707 0126 02 93060330

This came to me as a 1 owner tractor and was obviously kept indoors.  It has a 4 speed transaxle.  The owner ran it without the dipstick and said the engine now makes noise after you run it a while.  After replacing the leaky gas line I started the engine and it does sound a bit strange.  Did not run it for long.  The plan is to tear it down and check it out.  Maybe the rod needs replacing.

Examples from the web  

Most if not all are from auction listings. Few people are interested in these tractors.

This one has the same problem as mine.  I am wondering about the angled gap between the hood and nose.  Note muffler alignment with nose.

Same problem here.   Nice view of grill.

Another example from almost the exact angle as the one above.  This one looks like it has the proper nose hood alignment.  I need to compare this with my tractor.  Get an image at the same angle.

This tractor uses a similar hood, nose and lights but uses a different grill.

Another example of good alignment.  When I get this tractor sorted it is getting a bumper.   the additional length takes up more room but then you can just push the bumper of one against the tires of the one ahead of it.