Friday, October 30, 2015

Craftsmen LT1000(2)

Craftsman 15.5 hp 38 in. Deck, LT 1000 

The sears page says Added on January 01, 2000 

Not yet sure it is this exact tractor but the hood matches and I was told it was a 15.5HP.  This is a very low end LT.  No headlights and a 15.5HP engine.

More images of the 2nd LT1000.

Nose looks good.  Wonder if there are any problems not seen in this image.
As stated earlier deck is missing parts not sure which.  I expect a spindle or two.  May have spares.

Is it possible that this tractor has a good seat?  Is it dirty or damaged?
It is another Intek. New intek 15.5HP on ebay with current bid of $107 free shipping.  That is tempting but expect it will go higher.

The engine is locked up. Not sure why.  With luck it is can be fixed and is not worn out.

The guy who I am getting this from is decent about not loosing parts.  Hope to get a complete tractor here.