Monday, March 2, 2015


Acquired this hydrostatic 18.5HP craftsman DYT 4000.  I was not looking for another tractor just now but you have to take em when you find em.

It is a 917.2736402.   It also has a 31P777!  Maybe we can make 3 good ones out of 2.

At this point I know very little about this tractor other than the scrap man could not get it started and that the tires are very cracked and one rear tire with a nasty cut in the sidewall.  The rears are the same size as the LT1000 so I expect that a wheel can be borrowed in the short term.

Actually the LT1000 has 18x9.50x8's and the DYT4000 has 20x10x8's but the axle is the same size.

The body looks to be in fairly nice condition.  No rips in the seat for a change.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Been reading about the hydrostatic transmission.   Given that the wheels slide instead of turn it is unlikely that any damage from towing has occured. It is fairly common for the bypass valves to stick when the tractor is left outside.  PB Blaster may fix this problem.