Monday, March 23, 2015

LT1000 and DYT4000 Photo Op

While I was taking bits of the YTS3000 I had these to out to accept the parts.

You can see the grey YTS wheels on the rear of the DYT.  The original tires are 20s and the 18s look small but they are the same as the LT100s.

The DYT is trying the YTS bagger on.  I have been in need of a decent sized bagging machine to collect leaves for composting.  This may be it but the motor smokes so I should put together the first 31P777 as it is like new.  Need to see what oil consumption is and try it with 30W as it may have multiweight in it. Maybe new rings would do it but it would be easier to put the #1 engine back together.

Thanks to to bits from the YTS the DYT now has working lights.  I think the lights were the last thing not working.  I am starting to take a shine to this tractor.

The LT1000 mostly got its front wheel back.