Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DYT4000 Deck & Bagger

The blades installed were bent.  A plate used to stiffen the front edge of the deck and route the cuttings was also bent.  Borrowed blades and plate from the YTS.  The blades are not high lift so I will have to get proper ones for use with the bagger.

This deck is rusting but not so far gone that it can not be saved.  Need to do the reverse electrolysis thing.  But for now it needs to go into service.

The pulleys look like new on this deck.  Both spindles are good but one is better than the other.

This is about the fanciest craftsmen deck I have seen.  It has the front roller and easily adjusted anti scallop wheels front and back.  Sort of goes along with having the electric clutch to drive it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Someone had bend back the belt keepers on the mower to install a belt. So I took off the pulleys and straightened them.  The hanger for the left side front deck link was bent.  Used a sledgehammer to straighten it.

A belt tensioner spring  runs between a bracket on the rear of the deck to the long bolt on the tensioner pulley.  Took me a bit to figure out where it went but that seems to be the only place that makes sense.

Found that bagger could use a new gasket to seal the pipe to the bagger cover and a little rubber strap that holds the two pipes together.  The mower is too close to the ground even in the up position.  Putting the 20" tires back on will get me another inch but could use more.  The deck could come up maybe a inch or so further but the slop in the lever mechanism eats that up.

Put 1/2 tank of gas in it and went mowing.  The deck and bagger seem to be working well with just the standard blades.

Should have put in a dribble.  After two laps in the drainage ditch the engine would not do more the put put put. More on that in an engine post.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Since the above I have replaced the blades and a spindle that I ruined.

The spring fell off again today.  I pulled the deck and noticed that the bolt is cross drilled to take a cotter or spring key and washer.   This should keep the spring in place.